Casual Pony : Hair Tutorial

June 28, 2013

Happy Friday, pretty friends! I've hit a point of being a little saturated on freebies for y'all so I'm taking another week break and will resume as normal next week. I hope you can understand it's been a little crazy this week getting back into work after being on vacation so my time and creativity juices are maxed out currently. I did make one for July 4th but wasn't planning to share but snag it now if you please, here.

Moving on, I've had some fun playing with pony tails on my longer growing hair and found one I keep going back to whether I'm hitting the church office for a few hours or out and about running errands. I thought I'd share it here! I've started with my hair styled with my 1 inch curls and this is second day//slept on hair. The only thing I've applied to it before is Batiste Dry Shampoo. I've had trouble finding a good dry shampoo cause my hair and scalp get so oily after 24 hours so I can't praise this enough; you will love it. It's also on sale at Ulta right now buy one get on 50% so stock up!

Whacha think? I'm sure this style can work with so many hair lengths and textures. I personally have thin hair but a lot of it and it tends to be pretty dry due to coloring. I've found this style can really last a few days especially if you're like me that can't go many without washing. This just might be your saving grace along with the Batiste Dry Shampoo. I know I'll be doing this most of the summer cause of the heat. You can see my favorite hair care items, here and other tutorials here.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Fuchsia + Stripes

June 27, 2013

Talk about some tan legs, huh? I love what Mexico does for you when you spend hours in the sun! This skirt though, I love it. I want to wear it everyday and it's now a favorite of mine with blazers. Who knew?! Also, that cute little wrist band that resorts make you wear while your's obnoxious and I have a tan line on my arm there now. Talk about annoying.

Moving on though, I have this body that's not so great to dress with things falling right at the waist because my ass is so large it makes me look like a pear shape and I dislike that. I was so pleased upon getting this skirt because it's something that miraculously makes my worries diminish. And that, I like.

skirt | Taylor & Stylist
top (option) | Nordstrom
shoes | Windsor
watch | Fossil
bracelet | Etsy

Styling + Peonies

June 26, 2013

Okay, it's beyond obvious peonies make everything better. Can we all agree? I think so. I ravaged every Trader Joe's possible this peony season and I couldn't help myself getting my photographer hat on and snapping some gorgeous pictures. They are just stunning! I can't even express how happy these few shots make me and mainly because they're soft, feminine and perfectly me. Any office or room deserves something as darling as these beautes.

Gimme Some Print

June 25, 2013

Good day my ladies! I am so excited to announce something special for you today I've been working on with my babe, Becky from Cella Jane. We are teaming up and collaborating each month with one fashion piece styled differently by each of us. This month we've chosen printed shorts and I'm excited for you to see how I've pulled a look together as well as the gorgeous, Becky!

So I'm a total cheese ball in these shorts today. Who could blame a girl though? I have my sweet Little Man taking the pictures (which turned out much better than when hubs does!), I have the pooch watching and wagging his tail, I just had 4 cups of coffee and I scored these shorts for $12.50 at Old Navy. That's winning in my book. You too?

Anyway, I'm sure I'm going to be asked about my tattoo here because everyone that's new around here or on my instagram ask so let's clear that up now. My arm reads "Wives, submit yourselves unto your husbands as you do unto the Lord." It's Ephesians 5:23 and my hubs has "Husbands love your wives just as Christ loved the church." Ephesians 5:25. They are our marriage tattoos....duh. It's my favorite tattoo I have and I am still obsessed with it's placement.

Happy day, friends!
Don't forget to visit Becky's blog to see her look!

top (option) | H&M
shorts | old navy
shoes | target
watch | fossil
bracelet | Fleur De Lyss
clutch (option) | marshall's
earrings | F21

Giveaway: La Bella Via

June 24, 2013

Happy Monday pretty friends! I'm so excited to be sharing a seriously darling Etsy shop with you today all managed by the lovely Monique from the La Bella Via blog! Her Etsy shop, La Bella Via specializes in stationary, accessories and prints that all appeal to such a variety of ladies out there. 

When I first came across her shop I died over the adorable flamingo iPhone case and had to have it. It's Case Mate which is the most durable and reliable cases out there and I've had a million compliments on this piece already. I couldn't wait to put it on and have the most perfect accessory for summer! She even has this matching notebook to coordinate. I mean, that's great branding, yes?

I find myself going back to her Etsy shop almost daily swooning over this print and this notebook. Stinkin' cute, right? I also kind of love this iPhone case. Maybe I should just admit I love it all and be done with it? Ha!

Today she's being so generous and offering a notebook that comes with two pencils and a set of 10 hand glittered note cards for my readers! Y'all better enter and get yourself something sassy of hers because I know you'll love it.

Here's how to enter:
Follow La Bella Via on instagram: @shoplabellavia
Like La Bella Via on Facebook: here
Follow La Bella Via on Etsy: here

Leave a separate comment for each entry.
There are three entries available.
Giveaway will be closed Friday, June 28th at midnight MST.
Winner will be contacted via email by Monday, July 1.

Good luck, sweet friends! And don't forget to visit Monique's blog, here!


June 23, 2013

Well we're back in the states and still getting into the swing of things. We spent our last week in Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) Mexico enjoying family, friends and some great alcoholic beverages. I also stuffed my face with some amazing Mexican breakfast and enjoyed endless hours getting my tan on. It was bliss at it's finest and we are so blessed by my families generosity with this much needed vacation.

We stayed at Sonoran Sky which is one of the many resorts they have; we normally go down in the trailer for 3-4 days but this time we opted for something more luxurious as we spent 7 days there. All in all, the place was beautiful and we really enjoyed our stay although, it was a little irritating sharing the quiet pool with about 30 kids everyday. In a perfect world, the pool would've been more relaxing being adults only but honestly, with enough alcohol in me, it didn't matter!

Places to visit in Rocky Point, Mexico:
La Curva | restaurant
The Reef | bar//restaurant
Lucky's Cantina | bar//restaurant
Mary's | bar//restaurant
Fish Market | shopping
Max's | restaurant (best Bloody Mary's!)
Rodeo Drive | shopping

Have particular questions?
Find me socially & ask away!

As I'm still settling into my office and work routine again, I'll be slow to getting back to emails if you've contacted me during our time away. I promise, you will get a response but please give me some grace as it might take a bit! :)


June 14, 2013

{picture taken during our trip in the Bahamas 2011}

We're off to Mexico for a little over a week and I can't wait to soak up the sun while sipping a margarita. I won't be accessible during this time so if you happen to email me, you can expect a reply after June 26th. In the mean time, take a look through all the old freebies and snag any you haven't before. Also, here's a little something for you this week. CHEERS!

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Dot The I Boutique: Collaboration

June 13, 2013

Let's talk about notebooks. Am I the only one obsessed with owning about 17 notebooks all very similar? Don't answer that because I'm sure it's only me. I don't know what it is but when I see a notebook that's just too cute to pass up, I have to have it. I love them. Do I truly use them? Nope, not at all but I love how they bring a little something to add a pop to my bookshelf. I'm guilty of loving the appearance. Oh well, at least I'm being honest.

Moving along, Bethany from Dot The I Boutique was so kind and sent me over this cute notebook and a pen that's just as amazing as Sharpie Pens so I've surprisingly been using it since I got it! What a concept, I know! What's different about these notebooks? The main difference is they're made and printed in the United States. I know there are people who only buy that way so there you have it, these are perfect for that.

Personally, I throw a notebook in my purse with me normally and seem to find ones either too small to write or ones too large that over take my bags and I'm pleased to say the first thing I noticed about this one is it fit perfect in my bag without taking up too much room and my writing is legible because it's not teeny. That's a huge thing for me when buying a notebook, it has to be portable, functional and easy to manipulate and this fits my standards, perfectly.

You can visit Dot The I Boutique's Facebook here and shop here.

Black + White

June 12, 2013

Black. Blazers. Battle Star galatica. Or just a simple black and white outfit. I don't know, whatever you fancy I suppose. Either way, it's very known here on this blog how much I love a good blazer and lately I'm trying my darnest to get my ass in jeans other than my favorite dark wash Joe Jeans. I seem to always raid my closet, morning after morning, pulling together an outfit being fully confident then end up leaving the house in something much more casual and simple. Why's it so hard to stray from our comfort zone? Hmmm? Again, I don't know that either.

On another notes, I try and try to have my husband take outfit pictures and it seems to always end up a hot mess. I mean, why doesn't he read my mind and all the cute images in my brain of ways to pull together a good post? Why can't he seem to get the perfect angle and focus on the item I'm wanting? Maybe I should be a bossy pants and make him do pictures 100 times until I find the right shots I'd like to use. Just thinking out loud here.

top | H&M
blazer (option) | H&M
pants : on sale!| old navy
shoes | target
watch (option) | kohls
clutch (option) | express

Arizona Summers

June 10, 2013

The parentals have their updated backyard patio and pool now in service for this summer so we've been getting together as a family quite often lately to take full advantage of the warmer months and of course, the tempting margaritas by the pool. My brother, Sean and his lady, Sami brought their baby Molly over to play with her cousin Brutus and they were huge fans of the top step of Gram and Gramps pool. It was seriously, so refreshing to enjoy a day like this. I can't wait to be in Mexico next week with all these people doing the same thing for 7 days straight!

Friday Freebie!

June 7, 2013

I'm one gal who thrives on routine and consistency and this last week it was hard to keep things going in that groove being so sick with a migraine for 6 days. I missed out on some personal time browsing pinterest and reading blogs. I wasn't able to debrief with doodling or cleaning so when I was finally able to do it last night, I was so thrilled. During those night routines of mine, I like to play with this app I wrote about before and a few weeks back I created a few things not thinking anything of using them as freebies but when I posted ones on instagram, I had a good handful of requests for it to be a freebie.

Obviously, I obliged and you have the option to choose either black or white to grace your techy this week. Cheers!

click here for white
click here for black

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Lace + Chambray

June 6, 2013

I mean, my balls it's hot in Phoenix lately. We've officially fallen into the triple teen digits and I'm melting. Why was I wearing chambray when I clearly should've been in a bikini at church...? Good question but I've learned that's much too much fabric to bare the heat without sweating buckets as a consequence.

On another note, I broke down and got those little glitter sandals from Target and they're my new favorite. I blame blogging and instagram for getting it in my mind they'd be the perfect summer sandal. Turns out, they are so cheers to you crazy ladies who pulled onto that bandwagon! ;)

top | target
skirt (option) | forever 21
shoes | target
necklace | doodling bug
sunglasses (option) | old navy
watch | fossil

P.S. no extensions here. I'm quite proud of that mane (it seems long to me!) growing on my head these days. Triple doses of Biotin seem to be proving effective. Happy day, y'all!