The diagnosis & Luvocracy.

November 29, 2012

Yesterday I recapped about hubs being a little sickling and me being me, made him finally visit the doctor which was for a good reason. Come to find out, he has a severe case of Bronchitis and early Pneumonia. He's been put on the strongest drugs out there and has a week cycle of antibiotics. Today is day 3 of no work and he will be off the entire weekend as well. Your prayers are always appreciated and we're very grateful for them! We planned to have Drake all weekend but if hubs isn't doing better, I'm not happy with exposing Maximus. So again, here's to knowing God is working in his life on the road to recovery.

On another note, today is delivery day for hubs Christmas gift and it needs a signature. I was planning on coming home throughout the day to be there for drop off but since he's home, he'll do just fine. And of course, now I'm stressing my man will peek at the return address and know exactly what it is. Guess I'm not too great at surprise (also cause I can't keep them since I'm too excited to tell!). Either way, I hope, hope, hope he loves what I came up with. As soon as the cat's out of the bag I'll be sharing this great gift here!

Have y'all started your holiday shopping? I came across Luvocracy a few weeks back on Justina's blog which was a blessing in disguise. It's the perfect outlet for making a "wish list" of any kind to pass along to your family.

It's similar to Pinterest but more on the catalog side cause everything can be purchased! Basically, you install the plug in and when you're browsing the web you and come across something you'd like for yourself you can add it to your recommendations. You can create different "boards" with different types of product just as Pinterest but when you pass this along, all the receiver has to do is click on the item and it takes them through all the steps to purchase.

Great, huh? This is my holiday wish list passed along to hubs and the best part is that I picked it all so he can't go wrong! Just as Pinterest you'll need an invite for this fab site so check out Justina's blog as she has the hook up!

Happy Thursday!
& pray hubs doesn't peek! ;)

Be still & know.

November 27, 2012

Hubs has been sick and it's breaking my heart. I'm the person who wants to bend over backwards making sure people are comfortable, happy, feeling good and themselves. He's a hot mess and I can't do anything. I want to take the pain away, ease his discomfort with pillows and tea. I want to break his fever and snuggle in close making him feel warm and secure. But all he can do right now is lay in bed with a burning fever and his mouth open to slightly breathe.

He doesn't get sick often but when he does, he's knocked out for 4-5 days straight. He can hardly function and all I can do right now is pray. Pray for a quick recovery and a healthy husband in my arms. It's time for me to have faith and know God is good.

Let's talk design.

November 26, 2012

As much as I don't want to admit it, when I go to a blog for the first time, if the design isn't gorgeous, I leave. I don't follow, I don't read content, I don't even browse the pages. Now when I come across a blog with a design that attracts me, I could be there for hours. I sometimes immediately follow the blog because I think it's so pretty.

Yes, that's shallow but it's true. I want to be honest with you cause I do know many girls in this blogging community who feel the same way. There are many out there who won't give a blog the time of day if their design isn't pleasing to the eye. Yes, your content could be great, heartfelt and meaningful. It could be words of wisdom and encouragement but who knows if your visitors don't stay to give you the opportunity to reveal yourself.

I have been lucky enough to learn a few things with design as I've started blogging and I've been so blessed to start my own little business. Many of the faces around here are new and I love seeing each and every one of you! I just want to take this little opportunity to let you all know, I do blog designing. I can help your blog in big ways or small. With a simple set of social media icons to a full design including a header, nav bar, about blurb and so on. I can build your brand and give your business a professional and cohesive look. I can build your readership and how far you reach.

I'm offering $10 off the design package of your choice. This is valid for any new design packages booked and will only be good until Wednesday, November 28TH at midnight. You can see my full portfolio here and please know I'm not limited to only blog designing. I make printables, holiday cards, name it. I can be your girl.

Many of the designs in my portfolio and I've worked on have a certain feel. I would say I design simple, classic designs but I'm always looking for a challenge. I'd love to try something different and I'd love to build the perfect place for you to escape.

Contact me to book your design today-- turn around time is always insanely quick!

*my designs are promoted via Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram

Let's start it right.

November 23, 2012

Oh, Black Friday. I conquered you once and that experience can last me a lifetime. So here I am snuggled in bed with a coffee in hand, small Christmas tree lit and the TV on. Just the way I prefer spending my day off of work. I do have to take on the roads later to mail our Christmas cards but I'll stress about that later once I've had my daily dose of caffeine and good reality TV (thank you Jeff Lewis).

Everyone here knows I'm a sucker for Christmas so I am starting off the Christmas season right with a little printable you can have to dress up your home, office, shop...whatever! Yes, I just created it and yes, it's already snuggled nicely next to our tree. I'm kind of in love.

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Ours was spent with Maximus in the AM and what better way to start the holiday than watching your 7 year old making videos doing Gangnam Style? I mean, I was peeing my pants it was so hilarious! One minor problem is hubs was recording and can't figured out how to send it soooo it's not available for your viewing pleasure. Bummer, I know but if I can figure it out, you bet it'll be shared!

Another highlight: Grandma had me laughing saying "by golly" and talking about stilettos. How cute are little old ladies?

And yes, I snagged hubs for a few candids but he's sarcastic when it comes to pics since I force so many on him so enjoy the following. He's one snarky fellow.

Top: H&M
Jacket: Target
Jeans: Nordstrom Rack
Wedges: Kohls

Have a great Friday and enjoy your weekends!

P.S. December is when I start charging for advertising//sponsoring so if you're interested in a swap for the next 30 days, email me!

'tis the season.

November 21, 2012

I suffer from indecisiveness like there's no tomorrow. I can never make up my mind and stick with something. My style is all over the place with loving vintage looks, classic colors, a modern and edgy vibe so this year with Christmas cards I changed the design about 12 times. That's not even an exaggeration. You saw what I thought was our card design, here and yes, it was great and very much me but I just wasn't loving the contrast of black/white on the kraft with reds. I wanted something a little different and maybe more masculine to compliment my boys. 

So here we are. The final cards have been printed and will be sent out this weekend. Yes this weekend, because we all know I'm notorious for sending Christmas cards out the day after Thanksgiving.

Enjoy your holiday tomorrow soaking in all the goodness around you. Pray for others to humble themselves and to honor everything in their lives they can be thankful for. And go ahead and snooze a little. You deserve it. 

A special closeness.

November 20, 2012

Real talk time.

Saturday night hubs and I went to a concert at the church and Andy Cherry was opening for Citizen Way. He had his wife in the audience and shared a song he wrote for her and sang to her the night before their wedding. I hit me hard and in an emotional way. He was talking about their love and the closeness they share with each other. I made me think of Elle, random, I know.

I've been irritated lately when we've been around babies and I can't quite seem to find the sweet spot holding them. I can't seem to lull them to sleep or snuggle them just right. But with Elle, I was the only one who could.

She was my sweet pea and I knew as soon as cuddles started with her, she was in her happy place dozing off. When she was an infant I stole her from her swing and crib just to hold her during naps. Once she hit toddler she started showing signs of sleepiness and we'd grab a blanket and bury into the couch together for some sweet quiet time. Even the last few months before I left while watching movies she'd be my buddy curled up enjoying our moments like that. It made me realize that even though I don't have that "touch" with every baby, I have that touch with the people closest to me. I had that touch with Elle because she was like my own. She was my sweet baby girl and had (and still does) a firm grip on my heart.

I've been missing the time I had with her and those moments we would share. I've been praying for her and the new nanny she's adapting to. I've been praying she understands she's getting a baby brother or sister in the spring. I've been praying she is building a solid and stable relationship with her parents over her nanny. Maybe I'm being selfish (which is probably the case) but I wish I was the one with her now sharing these moments while her life is turning upside down.

I wish it was me holding her and lulling her to sleep. I wish it was me teaching her how to share and love a sibling. I wish it was me growing a deeper relationship and dependence. I love where I am now and am so blessed but that doesn't mean I don't have weak days missing my little bug who is so dear to my heart.

Anthro inspired DIY globes.

November 17, 2012

When it comes to the holidays I find myself stalking Pinterest for inspiration on ways I'd like to decorate and bring in some flavor. I came across the infamous Anthro inspired snow globes many times as I'm sure a lot of you have too; around the 37th time I realized I needed to make it for myself but in my own style.

Christmas around here isn't super calm or a white winter wonderful. We have pops of color and an overall eclectic feel, I would say. I conveniently snagged a Target catalog with a few coupons Saturday morning and saw darling small felt trees in a multi colored scheme. At the very back of the catalog were coupons, one buy 3 ornaments get one free. A little back story: the night before I was irritated with the 3 candle sticks as the center piece on the dining table. I couldn't quite bring in the Christmas feel in the way I wanted so when I saw this coupon I knew I was headed to Target to make my Anthro inspired snow globes.

mason jars
c/o but you can purchase a flat at Walmart for $9
small trees
Target- $3/each
glue gun
styrofoam pebbles
Hobby Lobby $1.99 but you can a get 40% off coupons on their website

This took me all of 5 minutes to complete. It was under $15 and it's something I can keep around for many years! They're adorable, vibrant and festive; just what I'm looking for!

What's a holiday craft you'll be making you've seen on Pinterest?

P.S. Please ignore how horrendous my nails look. They are going to be freshened up shortly!

Dream, darling.

November 16, 2012

Oh, Friday. You are sweet bliss.

I have been so inspired lately and this is exactly what I need to remember.

Click here to download.
You can use this as a printable or a desktop background.

Community Tuesdays.

November 14, 2012

Community Church of Joy focuses on loving God, building community & serving others.

I'm lucky enough to have built solid friendships with a few people on staff. They're people I met through volunteering with the youth and have only grown closer as I came on staff. Marissa, David, Jake and I have made Tuesdays our days to build community with each other. After our staff meeting we hit the town for lunch and sometimes spice it up with a little dessert treat. This week was Pita Jungle and Starbucks for a spike to finish our afternoon right.

What's an afternoon without snapping a picture for evidence of our happiness with that outing.

What can I say? We were supes excited for our red cups. Like to the extent we made our pic shine with our giddiness. But for real, how blessed am I to have this environment to work in? These people I firmly believe have been placed in my life to simply build His community and to keep me sane after a morning of crying about Elle in our small groups (seriously). They're great; they also helped cast the vision of the Bridge Revamp back here and here.

And yes, you've seen David grace this blog a handful of times. He and his wifey Holly are great friends of ours we've spent a lot of time with; he was even in our wedding. You'll most likely remember him from our Cabin Trip or from being smashed in Brut's crate for an evening of entertainment.

What do you have to be thankful for today?

font faves.

November 12, 2012

Well our weekend was SOOOOOO nice. Just in the sense we spent Sunday morning going to church and then indulging in an afternoon of watching our favorite Broncos. Did ya see it? They were kind of smokin'. I've been so proud of them lately! Lucky for you, it put me in an even better mood just wasting away the afternoon on the couch with hubs and I decided I'd share with y'all some of my favorite fonts I use.

These are ones I love to add some spunk to photos with, invites, design work and even for simple printables. These are all available to download for free from My only request (as is dafont)  is if you're wanting to use them other then for personal use BUY THEM. I have all these purchased so I have the rights to use them on top of personal uses. Make sure you use properly! I would appreciate it as would the site providing these awesome fonts!


Which is your favorite?

the evening i wanted to die.

November 9, 2012

So funny story.

Wednesday night Drake had a little ceremony to get trophies from his basketball season ending and luckily Andrew was able to get off of work so we could join in on the fun. We figured since it was an early night we'd go out and have a nice dinner just the two of us after. We splurged and went to Ah-so for some Calif rolls and the most amazing steak//shrimp meal of all time (in our humble opinions). We were just talking and enjoying each other company when I was telling Andrew about a story, I don't even remember what now and I had an itch on my nose. I subconsciously itched it with the back of my hand only to see my husband's face turn to absolute disgust.

Turns out I pulled a booger right out of my nose and had it on my hand.

Classy I tell ya, classy.

It was a moment of our marriage I wanted to crawl under a rock. I was so embarrassed. I have this phobia about my nose, you see. I don't let hubs see me blow it or anything so when he caught a nice glimpse of a booger, I was horrified. Not in the sense that it's nasty, I mean we live together and he gets the good, bad and the ugly buuuuuuut I just hate my nose and don't prefer him knowing about it. At all if I had my way.

Moral of the story, always itch your nose behind closed doors. Or else you'll have a husband laughing his ass off at the booger on you.

But alas, today is Friday so here is your iPhone background for download!

The easiest way to access this on your phone is to download the image to your desktop, email it to yourself and save the image on your phone. You can then edit your background and use this to dress it up. 


answered prayers.

November 6, 2012

Last night was something my heart and soul so much needed after I've been in the ditches for weeks.

Hubs called on his way home from work and was in a great mood. When that man sounds excited, it's freakin' contagious I tell ya. I was smiling ear to ear just chatting with him about dinner. About meatloaf! Who does that? Oh and the meatloaf. I'm not really a fan but hubs is and I thought let's go crazy and make the most bland meatloaf on the planet and that my friends, keeps your men happy.

He gets home, hugs kisses, shower dinner and cuddles. Those little things that bring me so much contentment and joy doing. Spending everyday life with my best friend. It was one of those nights we were giggly, touchy and couldn't stop laughing. I was snorting at one point talking about my Grandpa and his love for Perkins. Such random things came up and it felt like we were young, wild and wreck the comforts of our little home. We talked, we played we snuggled our monster pooch and did it all while I was pain free.

My deep breath from yesterday must have exhaled all my discomfort and defeated thoughts because last night was an answered prayer.

Pain free.

& a printable for you today with a verse that makes our Christmas cards every year.

Click HERE to download the printable.

just breathe.

November 5, 2012

As of lately, things have a been a little off in the Kinch household. With me not feeling good, like.....ever (like that TSwift pun?) it's been hard to keep things going in an onward manner. I've been struggling keeping the house clean, I've had zero motivation for the gym or even walking Brutus. I'm feeling completely defeated like I'm not satisfying my husband and providing for him in ways it's needed.

Last night was to the point that I consumed no sleep, it was filled with tears (the ugly sobbing kind) and pain. So much pain.

It's not just my head anymore. It's my heart that's taking a toll. I have no sense of fulfillment or self worth because I'm never feeling good enough to do anything. It took everything in me to get up Saturday and take Drake to his basketball game. I had to leave hubs at his tattoo appointment Sunday to go home because I was throwing up from the pain.

I've come to a conclusion I'm at a breaking point. Everything in life seems to be piling on and I'm not quite living out what needs to be accomplished. I hear hubs say over and over, "life is too short to stress, the stress will only shorten your life" which I understand but can't seem to put into motion. Every little thing is getting to me in an unhealthy way and I end up snapping at the wrong person for all the wrong reasons.

I need to apologize to my husband for being in the line of fire. He doesn't deserve my blow ups and I need to start taking what he says to heart and truly try my hardest to live out what he's been explaining.  I try to go about life like I'm not hurting and that there isn't something that's keeping me on the verge of tears all the time but I've learned from hubs that I need to be coming to him daily if that's what it means explaining my frustrations about my migraines so I don't completely bottle it up.

This is absolutely in circles but I have so much on my heart and in my head I just need to get it out.

Elle is welcoming another new nanny today and I can't help but think did I do the right thing leaving her 5 months ago. Are they in a good place or did I add a burden to their household? They've reached out asking me to come back again and I haven't thought about it this in depth before but it's been tugging hard at my heartstrings. I miss her so much and can only hope for the best for her. Again hubs spoke light into my life with this situation. He feels like it's time I sever that tie because I'm only missing her more and more when I talk to her. I need a clean break and I need to move on with the chapter of life I'm in. I'm no longer her nanny and no longer should be worrying about what her parents should only be worrying about. I am there as a sitter if it's needed but I'm no longer her adopted parent.

I'm also at a place with designing I'd love to work from home and have that as a part time business. That's really what it is currently but I'm using my nights and weekends to get that work completed. I don't have free time during the day to get those tasks done because of working full time at our church home but I'm simply trying to figure out a solution and how to navigate where to go with my next steps with building my brand.

Am I always going to be able to design? Will it support my family when we expand and I stay home with kids? Will business always be coming in? There are so many questions about this and how I can establish a great foundation on it with our future and I've been praying for those answers and seeking guidance everywhere I can find.

Overload I tell ya. OVERLOAD.

If you're still with me, thank you. This community has kept me stable and given me so much encouragement so I just felt it's time let out everything that's been on my heart lately. I had goals to post separately about each obstacle buuuuut that didn't happen. Maybe once I get a grasp on what my next steps are, things will be a little more organized as I like it.

Good thing I have these boys to keep me sane.

keep your iphone happy.

November 2, 2012

By adding a cute little background courtesy of me or The Kinch Life DESIGNS. However you want to refer to my design business. Either way, snag it for your personal use, spread the word, pin it, whatever you fancy!

The easiest way to access this on your phone is to download the image to your desktop, email it to yourself and save the image on your phone. You can then edit your background and use this to dress it up. 

I sure know I need this reminder to stay present in everyday life rather than to be on my phone, so I hope you enjoy it also.

If you missed our Christmas Cards post this week, check it out-- I could design yours too!