January Mood

January 16, 2018

I was driving around today with the girls questioning myself over and over what darn day of the week it was. Yesterday was a holiday meaning the week felt off to get started. All day today, Emery kept asking for Drake, saying how she missed him and I kept thinking he'd be home tomorrow (wrong). I'm out of office tomorrow because of appointments I have so taking a day during the week also is keeping me all confused.

So tonight, I finally popped in the shower after the babies went down, scrolled Pinterest for a few minutes before digging into work and found all this inspo for my mood and January. That month it's not quite warm and spring-y but it's not cool and crisp and all things white and wintery. Although, it may be in some states - it isn't in Arizona, 70's here.

I'm so completely drawn to the soft tones with rich pops of color. Caramel, cognac, oxblood, emerald, sage, mustard. It's all the vibes I'm going for. And puppies. I have puppies on the brain! Trying to talk my husband into a Goldendoodle but he isn't buying it.

We're slowly updating light fixtures in the house so that bathroom in the bottom right corner is helping me see how the kids bathroom can be as we already have that incredible Anthropologie shower curtain in it. I've been spending consistent amounts of time doing Barre3 classes and falling in love with the feeling of taking care of myself again. Similarly, I'm back into meal prepping and eating clean is all the difference.

Fresh bedding in all the rooms, oversized, cozy cardigans and a new "snake" plant peeks out in our laundry room. Now you can see exactly why those pics above is my January mood.


Functional Items in Your Home

January 4, 2018

Since we moved into our home in August, I've been all about utilizing all the space we have within our 4 walls and being smart about the organization. We went from a 3,500 square foot home to a 2,200 square foot home and each closet and cabinet has a purpose. I purged. A LOT. Which felt amazing but now it's all about finding things that make our space functional.

Simple Human has these sleek and purposeful cabinet organizers we have used throughout the kitchen to store all utensils, pots and pans, baking sheets, and pitchers. What I love most about them is the ability to slide out so I'm not bending inside and underneath the counter/cabinet to get what it is I'm looking for. I pull it out, grab what I want and it's cake!

The second thing I've loved having with little upgrades around the house is this Simple Human sensor can with voice control. If you follow me on instagram (video post here), you saw how much Emery loves this thing and Drake too. Honestly, we all do!

We hosted breakfast Christmas morning and the compliments about this baby were rolling in like crazy. It's so fun being able to say "open can" and the lid comes up for our access. It also has a sensor so if you wave your hand over top, it pops up to discard your items.

What's more to love than items that make life that much easier and seamless. Do you have a favorite home product that makes living easier? I'd love to hear your tips and tricks as we continue settling into our new place and making the most of every square inch!


New Year, New.... Skin?

January 1, 2018

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I've been intentional about my skin and routine with keeping it maintained lately from finding product I love, incorporating treatments - like microneedling and hydra facials - and adding in a probiotic to work from the inside, out.

TULA is a company I've been using for a few years now and love everything from them. I try products all the time from other companies and TULA is the one I run back to when my skin is inflamed and a mess from trying all said products. TULA means balance, so it quite literally fixes all the issues I have from trying other skincare routines and balances everything out again.

I should learn by now to never stray because it's the cream of the crop!

The New Year typically means resolving to do something differently or better and as I age, continuing to maintain my skin on a whole new level is at the top of my list. I've seen such a change in my skin since incorporating regular treatments paired with these daily probiotics and I'm a subscribed monthly sender now - I can't quite them!

A few other items I love from TULA

On top of using TULA regularly, you've probably seen me at Carly's office regularly doing treatments for acne scarring and dark spots I have. She's done an amazing job at recommending treatments tailored to my needs while also helping me feel my best. I'm a Dysport (Botox) lover and I'm not afraid of a little Juvaderm either. All done the right way really enhances beauty that's already there and helps make you look refreshed.

Some people have asked me how old I am and when I started doing Dysport and Juvaderm fillers and I had my first session done when I was 26 but started doing them regularly after I turned 28. Wouldn't go back, either! If you have questions about it, please leave them for me! I'm happy to share my experience and thoughts to help educate you with bettering your skincare regimen.

Here are a couple blog posts I've written about treatments with Carly!