Top 5 marriage tips Get excited.

February 27, 2012

Okay, really random.
I've noticed a few things that make my marriage beautiful.
Wanna know my secret??

Buy your husband cheap Axe body spray so you can get the legit Versace Bright Crystal.

When he's sick
You'll feel appreciated and they'll love seeing your motherly side.
I hear many "love you's" & "you're the best" when this happens.

Don't tell your husband when you change something around the house.
Then take him on a walk and see if he can figure out what's different.
This is my fav!
He never gets it and I get a good laugh at him wandering around aimlessly.

initial {lovin'} before 8PM-- you'll for sure get some then.

Surprise him with his favorite treats once a month.
The best way to a man's heart is through his stomach.


I invented the name Housewife.

February 26, 2012

I mean really, you know you've got problems when you're kickin' it with friends drinking and all you're worried about is if that red jello shot is going to spill on your husbands white shirt and how much OxiClean it will take to get the stain out. 
Also exclaiming "I NEED MY CLOROX WIPES!!" when it's spilt on the table.
I need to get out more.

So apparently Saturday night was a little stressful for me and my {to-be laundry duties} in the coming days as I knew we were running low on OxiClean.
But don't fret guys, we made a Costco trip after church today so it's all good!
We are stocked for roughly 3months and 5 days.

Does anybody else get super excited about Costco too??
I mean I left church practically running to the car in excitement for the coming adrenaline rush due to shopping in bulk.
It's so smart, efficient, cheap, and I can't lie about how giddy I get when I see those Crest White Strips for only $40... and the frozen yogurt waiting for me to devour it while walking a few miles around the store.
It's pure love-- at it's finest.
The person who thought of that was genius!
I love you.
Whoever you are.

Atlas, I'm off to presoak some tops from Saturday nights fiasco before engulfing myself in a night of laundry and the Academy Awards. This is what happens when you're... old, uncool and completely content with that.


Let me just warn you all to never write a post when you have your hubs and giant dog both
snoring obnoxiously loud.
I can't even hear myself think.

Big changes for the Kinches.

February 23, 2012

We love our church.
You've seen that here.

Always have.
is welcoming, beautiful, provides opportunity to serve and is huge.
When I say huge, I mean huge.
Like 20,000 members; huge.

The church keeps growing!
They currently offer 10 services via 2 locations.
That's great for them cause they apparently are doing the right things to attract more but it's difficult for families like ours who want more of an intimate feel.

Andrew and I both grew up behind the scences at our churches with parents volunteering and parents who were on staff so it was second nature for us to be involved in youth, summer camps, charities, anything and everything there was to offer, we were there.
We chose to start our journey at CCV together cause we felt like it was time to worship our Lord just the two of us. We took a back seat to serving and have enjoyed our ability to come only for service rather than for all the behind the scences extras. We haven't been apart of a small group, or marriage group, or volunteering but it's time for us to get back into that environment.

We want to do that by serving with the youth.

We connected immensely with our youth leaders just a handful of years ago and we feel like we could have that same relationship and impact for kids in the youth program currently.
This means it's time to move on.

We are offcially moving back to my personal roots by attending
This is the church i grew up in; there are bitter|sweet connotations but I'm ready for the challenge.
We've spent time praying and learning through Gods actions and this is where he wants us to be.

We are excited for an intimate relationship with new friends.
We are excited to embrace a small congregation of 1,000.
We are excited to see God work in our hearts to get involved.

This is big.
& we can't wait for this journey to begin.

Oh and, what did everyone give up for Lent?
Any type of drink except water.

Unleash the Church

February 13, 2012

Do you ever feel like as a Christian you are judged?
Talked down to?
Feel trapped?
I do.
Our church is working on a series called:
Simple enough, right?
200,000,000 Christians are currently suffering for their faith.
165,000 Christians will die this year for their faith.
75% of all religious presecution is against Christians.

Shouldn't we as Christians be confident in our Faith?
Be willing to die for Jesus as He did for us?

I won't lie. It makes me a bit uneasy knowing those statistics but
I'm CRAZY in love with the Lord.
If it weren't for His grace we wouldn't be freed today.

Let me tell you a story...
I grew up in the church. My mom worked on staff and did from when I was a baby until I was in high school. I went to church loving Christ as my savior all throughout elementary school but something happened in middle school.
I was judged.
I was denied friendships because I believed in Jesus Christ.
I spoke openly about my faith and it got me no where.

I was a cheerleader, competetive dancer, people pleaser, so church took a back seat.
I did what everyone else was doing to keep friendships.
To keep people from making fun of me for being a faithful follower of Christ.

Middle school, high school, college, and I still hadn't recommitted my life to the Lord.
His lifestyle screamed at me to get my faith in check.

I'm not kidding when I say I fought it.
I wanted nothing to do with going to church weekly and nothing to do with praying for anything and everything, nothing to do with accepting Christ again.
But God worked some amazing miracles in my heart.
He made sure I was back to screaming my love for Him all through Andrew's committment to me.

It's funny looking back how rocky my life was when I strayed from the Lord.
How simple it is to put all your trust into Him because HE IS FAITHFUL.

It's a fact that most brothers and sisters in Christ come to the Lord committing their life to Him because of others personal testimonies. I'm proof of that!
I challenge you to START TALKING if you are crazy in love with the Lord;
Tell your friends and family members how you came to Him.
Let's make Jesus famous.
Let's be the radical change and UNLEASH our love for Christ!
We know as Christians all our sins stacked and added up are no comparison for the love Jesus Christ has for us. His love is hurtling towards all of us with heavenly force.
Anyone can be saved.

And for those of you who haven't accepted Him into your hearts:
How long will it take of being beaten down, discouraged and hurt before you can surrender your ALL to our Heavenly Father? When will you take the plunge to be fully devoted to Jesus Christ?

I hope my story maybe gives one of you
Faith you may be missing,
Hope for a better tomorrow,
Belief that the Lord CAN & WILL save you,
as long as you commit to Him.

I love the outfit I wore to church Sunday, I'll take that top in every color. Thanks.

& yes, Brutus is a creep.

Backyard: CHECK.

February 4, 2012

I pull into the neighborhood late yesterday afternoon
and guess what I pull up to?!

We were told it wouldn't be arriving until early Saturday morning so I was literally hugging the grass.
Drake looked at me like "I do NOT know you."
The giddyness started then.

This big pot was put in last weekend as our firepit.
The digging was relentless.

They were glowing in accomplisment when that project was complete.
Doing their Captain Morgan!
& yes, we enjoyed some Captain after that bad boy was in the ground
{Try Captain with Monster; Rehab. You won't be disappointed.}

Saturday AM:
soooooo excited.
My dad kept making fun of me cause
 I was bouncing around like a kid in a candy store.

We were so blessed to have lots of family over to help!
So many thanks to:
Dad Sorber
Mom & Dad Kinch
We knocked this whole sucker out in 3 hours with everyone hands on.

Brutus has been back and forth nonstop all afternoon.
He is TOO ready for some sweet grass.
Running in circles, constantly.
No joke.

Andrew's sweet Agave plant.

Welcome to Casa Kinch
BBQ's will be 7PM Fridays.
All are welcome.

So there you have it.
Finality is sweet bliss.

Happy Weekend my loves.

WARNING: this might get soppy.

February 1, 2012

If you read this, you know that I lost a very special someone this past year.
You'll also know from reading here that it was something extrememly hard for me to swallow.

Last night my family [dad, mom, Sean, Sami, Andrew and I] went to his home to do a full top to bottom cleaning to help The Waibel Family out as they live in New Mexico.
Ummm, let me just say emotional.

I've come to terms that this man has moved on.
I've realize we can't change what happened.
I cherish those moments I had with him.

But I regret not having enough of those moments.

Going through each room I kept thinking about growing up a street away from Uncle Jim and how I grew up watching him as a role model in my life. I thought about him being part of my graduation and wedding and how my own children will never know the man I looked forward to seeing. They'll never know the man I rode my bike to daily.
It saddens my heart but I need to remember this is what God wanted.

This chapter is finally closing and it's something I've been struggling with how to end exactly.
 Do I write more stories of times I spent with him?
Do I try to forget the memories I have of him?
Do I act as if nothing is wrong and I'm just fine??
What about saying a prayer thanking the Lord for taking him from suffering and asking Him to give me strength as time moves forward?

That's the one.

Maybe you have someone or a situation you're trying to close a chapter with;
I encourage you to say a little prayer and trust in God.