Functional Kitchen Ware

August 31, 2016

When organizing our kitchen during the move (which, might I add, I did at 3:30am because pregnancy insomnia is a real thing) I realized we don't have a lot of cutesy bake ware or serving ware that I could potentially prep and serve all at the same time with. I've seen a few things here and there from Anthro, Target, Home Goods... but never actually bought something and it's my goal now to start collecting those pieces over time. 

I've been scanning those above and collected a few of my favorites in case you are in the same boat as me- all would be great for gifting, a registry or a simple treat for yourself!

We're Alive!

August 29, 2016

stocked and ready for fall with Parasol Co prints!
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We are moved! We are settling! It's been a process but a fun and encouraging one at that. I've learned we have the best and most generous friends and family and life would be so difficult without all their help, rallying together for us. We hit the jackpot in that department. We are seriously loving our new home and the way it already feels so perfect for us. We were moved in last Saturday and unpacked and completely organized Sunday evening. I'm telling you- BEST FRIENDS AND FAMILY.

Moving Announcements

August 9, 2016

I love paper goods. You all know this so it was only natural I would order moving announcements for our upcoming trek a few miles north. Personally, I love getting snail mail and think the thought behind it is so sweet and such a thoughtful gesture so it's something I do with any chance I have.

Friday Round Up

August 5, 2016

dress- Viva La Fiesta | bows- Little Mint Julep | Baltic Amber necklace- Amazon

Andrew thinks this picture is hilarious and I needed to share it. She's so sassy and has the most absurd facial expressions these days so there's quite literally, never a dull moment. She also stands like this with her hands behind her back when she's evaluating something and again, Andrew couldn't love it more. He says it makes her look like a little professor teaching a class. Ha!

Bath Time Necessities (for us!)

August 3, 2016

Back to School Prep + Leg Update

August 2, 2016

I have a FIFTH grader as of Monday and it's blowing my mind how fast he's been growing. From entering his life at the age of 4 to the point we're at is just crazy but so fun watching him evolve and mature as a person. He's not excited to go back to school mainly because of his leg and having ended on such a bad note last year- his accident was literally the day before school got out in May! I mean, I don't blame him but he's had a good, low key summer soaking in video games and Netflix while being bound to the couch.