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October 31, 2012

I'm completely overwhelmed by all the ideas of blog posts in my head.

I'm super inspired lately so I have been contemplating writing about the items that inspire, then I keep thinking about writing more in depth about my tattoo being done and how I want to post pictures for those but with that I actually need to acquire those awesome pictures to keep y'all intrigued. I am also loving the growth my marriage has taken the last few days and it's something I cherish and want to document but then I want to throw some freebies out there.

So maybe I'm a taking the easier way out since it's midnight and I should've been in bed 3 hours ago if my exhaustion had it's way but today, you get a free Twitter background courtesy of The Kinch Life DESIGNS.

To install this background, you'll log into your Twitter account, in the right hand corner click the little wheel that leads to Settings. Head down to Design on the left then you're able to "Change Background" on the right. This is where you'll upload and save this image you've download to your desktop.

And enjoy!
[an example from when I rocked for a few days]


October 30, 2012

We all know if you've read my About Me page that I am notorious for sending Christmas cards out immediately after Thanksgiving and this year I'm even more prepared cause I've taken on the task of designing, creating, printing and mailing all on my own even down to printing the envelopes with custom calligraphy!

Design is something that has transformed my way of sending cards and I have to say, that's beyond handy when the holidays come around! I've taken some time and come up with something that's so me. I love simplicity and a clean look so when we had our family pictures taken a couple weeks ago, I knew I wanted the picture to be what stood out.

My overall idea is to use a 5x7 section of Kraft paper, then print a 4x6 picture of our card templates on white cardstock (so the picture isn't distorted in color) and adhere it with gold/white striped washi tape on the corners.

You'll notice on the image below the back looks like Kraft paper and the washi tape is shown in grey, that's to simply give you an image of what they should somewhat look like in the final result. The font on the card is also shown in white and that's where I'll bring in the gold sharpie to go over the white for the gold to stand out and to tie in with the washi tape.

What do you think?
If you know me and know my style, you know this screams Aubrey!
It's basic enough hubs will love it and Drake was a fan of the picture picked.
That's winning in my book!

I'd love to work with you to build your holiday cards; check out my design blog for pricing or contact me to get started!

aubreykinch [at] gmail [dot] com

casa kinch tour.

October 24, 2012

I always wonder how other people decorate and bring life to their homes so I impulsively grabbed the camera and snapped around the Casa Kinch to invite you into where we live our everyday life and relax being in the corners of our own little home. 

Brutus is a creeper in a couple of these so ignore him; he just can't get enough of the camera and has to know exactly what's going on.

I will warn, since this was so impulsive, I'm in the middle of updating the curtains in our master bedroom and they all don't match. The height is a hot mess so again, please ignore. I know most bloggers seem to have it all together and perfect at all times, but that is not me. At all. I'm a mess and am constantly updating and changing things so the home is always a work in progress.

You'll also notice a few printables around the house so I encourage you to visit and follow along my design blog so you can take advantage of those free printables to download.

Told ya he's a creep. It's that look of "mom, this is exhausting. stop taking pictures of the house and take them of my creeper face instead." Mission accomplished. I snagged the perfect creeper face.

Enough about that though... we can all summarize from this that I love teal. And anything IKEA. Oh, and instagram prints. The kitchen memo board is a work in progress-- I ordered some 2"x2" insta prints to update it and to update the cork boards in our master bedroom. Can't wait for those to arrive! And those curtains... yeah. The other night around 1AM one of the curtain rods decided to fall out of the wall waking us up, freaking out! I've been wanting to move them up for a while now so that just put me over he edge and made me hurry along that process. You can see from the pic, it looks a million times better mounted higher. Thank you Pinterest for the suggestion.

Our home is something we are so blessed to have and love sharing together so I hope you maybe got some inspiration by what you've seen or are encouraged by not always having a perfect looking home. We all need some down time and get to be messes, right? Especially in the comforts of our 4 walls.

Have a happy Thursday!

i miss you.

Today marks one year of something that has forever changed my life.
I never thought you would be gone Uncle Jim and I never thought it would have ended the way it did.

I miss you.

Read the story, here.

our little family.

October 21, 2012

We spent our Sunday snoozing late, making a hot mess of a kitchen with pancake batter while enjoying the sweet aroma of french vanilla coffee and the loud noise of cartoons. We had our first time at church as the three of us and enjoyed the afternoon (well, maybe not the boys) taking family photos by my oh, so talented (unprofessional photographer) brother.

It sure warms my heart knowing we have some updated pictures from our engagement shoot and ones featuring Drake. They definitely speak how our little family is completely whole and full of love... and a little bit of crazy too.

It's been such a light seeing how the three of us have evolved into our roles within our household and within our relationship. Anything "motherly" related, Drake comes straight to me, whether it's a shower he needs, an appetite to suppress, a band aid or even a snuggle, he's right by me. Now bring on the legos, wrestling, video games and dad is the man that's his knight in shining armor. And I'm 100% in love with this little pattern.

Oh, it really is enjoying the small things. Don't ya think?

And yes, we have a Christmas picture out of this bunch, for sure.

friday printable.

October 19, 2012

Oh, I just love finding cute printables to frame and decorate Casa Kinch with so let's kick off your weekend right with a printable for you!

You can download your print, HERE.

stripes, you can never go wrong.

October 18, 2012

Honestly, I don't care it's still 100 degrees in Arizona cause I will still rock some fall fashions. I mean, obviously I do care some cause I'd love to throw open the doors and windows throughout the house and enjoy some coffee without sweating, but I can't get too greedy. We are slooooooowly cooling down here in the valley and until that time comes, I'm sure thankful I work in a cold office cause I can wear the cute fall trends.

Stripes are something that have taken over my closet the last 6 months and I have no problems with it. Whether it's navy and white for a nautical feel, neutrals that make a statement or simple black and white that can be dressed up or down.... I love it all! Don't you?

During the summer I paired this cute dress with gladiators, sunnies and a bold red bracelet but I have to say, I much prefer this fall ensemble. It's just sweet and oh, so cozy.

everything purchased:
F21 fall 2011