No Pictures, Mama!

July 27, 2016

We got new bows from Elle Bowtique last week so I thought it would be cute to take some Bronco inspired pictures for Andrew since it's his birthday Friday... well, it turned out awesome.

*said with so much sarcasm*

Baby Shower Invitations- Final Pick!

July 26, 2016

Eeep! I am so excited to share these beauties with you! I shared here my top picks and then my mom and I started talking through how she wanted to do the shower so we changed our path on style of things and ended with these amazingly detailed and lovely invitations. We didn't spare anything and went with a full suite- envelope liners, return address stickers, recipient addressing and custom stamps to match. It's all about the details and I think being on the receiving end of these invites will be an experience in itself when being opened to ohhh and ahhh over.

Pregnancy Update - 24 Weeks

July 25, 2016

It's been about a month since my last update so I wanted to get back here and touch base with where we're at. I'm currently 24 weeks and excited! This pregnancy has flown by compared to my first and I'm not nearly doing it justice documenting, but I'm trying!

Friday Favorites

July 22, 2016

Happy Friday! I'm trying to get my life together and blog regularly again so I hope this week was fun to actually have content... ;) I have a few posts ready to go for next week as well, sharing a few things from Minted and a pregnancy update- yay!

Currently... What's In My Makeup Bag

July 21, 2016

I find it sort of ironic I'm writing about beauty and what's in my makeup bag currently when I hardly get ready with a full face of makeup anymore... when I do though, these are the products I'm always grabbing for and would pack if we ever go out of town or for a little staycation.

I've been a fan of IT Cosmetics for about a year now and can't seem to live without the CC cream, pore powder or concealer so getting the new eyeshadow palette and bronzer CC cream has been so fun to use and incorporate into a summer beauty routine. Things are much more simple during that time so I love making the bronzing my focus and highlighting for a dewy, creamy finish that's lovely on so many skin tones!

Baby's Name Is...

July 20, 2016

We quite literally can't wait to meet her! There isn't anything significant about this name choice but we simply heard a song by Hollyn on Air 1, I said to Andrew that's a pretty name and he agreed and said, that should be our girls name if we have a girl next time around. Done and done.

4 Tips for the Work From Home Mom

July 19, 2016

Just recently I've had a handful of emails about how I juggle mom life and being a full time worker and I definitely do not have it all figured out but I've learned a few things along the way. I wanted to compile a list of my top tips for functioning and maintaining a good balance doing both!

This is obviously easier said than done because it's the most impactful and hardest to maintain but when creating a consistent routine with yourself and with your kids, things fall into place. For a while we were getting up when the kids woke, spent time in my bed snuggling or watching cartoons and then we would mingle downstairs to have breakfast and get the day going. It occurred to me, why not have the kids cuddle with me and watch cartoons while I'm tackling my inbox first thing in the morning? Well that changed a ton for me! I started the day being productive and the kids knew they had about an hour of down time, being lazy before we started errands or chores. It worked really well for us!

I also work with Emery is napping and that's a routine and plan I stick to daily. There is the occasional nap because pregnancy is exhausting but that's only after I've gotten done my list of items I want to accomplish first.

Crib Hunting

July 13, 2016

Okay, based on this post and thoughts I got on Facebook, I'm leaving Emmy bug in her crib until she's trying to get out or until she's outgrown. It just makes sense especially with the new baby coming to make less transitions happen at one time. She loves her bed so much now, doesn't ever try to get out of it and even lays for an extra 45 minutes or so after she wakes up just playing so "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!"... yes?

Friday Inspiration

July 8, 2016

Thinking about the move I'm really drawn towards letting woods speak for themselves and making sure when we decorate our home feels comfortable. We have so many neutrals, which I love but rugs are my weakness. We have this one currently in our family room but I have my eye on a few from Rugs USA I'm thinking I might snatch up shortly after we are settled.

What are qualities in a home that stand out to you when visiting? The smell? The light? The decor? I love being able to open our doors for family and friends and the above is totally giving me inspiration for settling into our new home, very soon!

Tips for Silky Smooth Hair

July 7, 2016

I started using the VO5 Hot Oil Therapy in February and it's been something I do every Sunday night before I shower since then. The idea behind it, like I've mentioned before, is to replenish the dryness and give your hair a restart, keeping it silky all week long. Over the last 4-5 years, I haven't found a product quite like it because it's amazing at not leaving residue on your hair post shampoo + conditioning. Because it's been about 6 months of usage, I wanted to give some pointers for a few newbies below.

Toddler Room Thoughts

July 6, 2016

I'm in that sweet spot with Emery not knowing quite yet what I want to do with her room before baby girl arrives. It's that weird age she could really stay in a crib a while longer or she could be a full toddler and switch to a big girl bed before sister is born. I liked the idea of transitioning her prior to baby coming so we could use the same crib for both girls but I partially feel like that's forcing her to really grow up and that really makes me sad!

Life Update

July 1, 2016

Happy Friday! Do you have plans for the holiday weekend? We don't have anything specific going on... maybe a lake day Sunday and fireworks that night but we're playing it by ear with the kids. For some reason I felt like July was still weeks away and it's definitely here. It's Andrew's birthday month and this year is his golden birthday! I can't wait to throw him a little party with our friends and family. It's actually going to be in our.... new house!