Fabulous Friday

February 21, 2014

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I know, I'm so late at getting this post up today but after not planning to post the rest of this week, I thought it would be okay if I was slightly delayed with a freebie and some highlights from my week! I have to start by saying this last Sunday I mentioned here was one that completely opened my eyes. I laid my heart out to the Lord and I've surrendered my worries and fears to Him. It's funny how quickly He can shower you in blessings and I'm so thankful for that. I've been booking out client after client every week with a current queue of 37 ladies meaning I'm booked until April, y'all! I sometimes let the realistic side of me take over thinking how stressed and overwhelmed I am but then I realized how blessed I am.... therefore I shouldn't be stressed. Hence the freebie- a special thanks to my sister for coming up with that catchy phrase!

T H I S   W E E K

+ My fabulous Whitney English planner has shipped. I ordered it back in December and I've been slightly scatter brained without a consistent planner so I'm anxiously awaiting it's arrival next week.

+ I haven't been sleeping well due to an endless list of clients I want to complete so today, I slept in until 11am. Sue me but I was so thankful Drake let me skip his breakfast and get some much needed shut eye.

+ My sweet friend, Ashlyn has me on this Chartreuse kick... I can't get enough of this bold color and I solely blame her!

+ I have finally found the perfect product to deal with my unruly adult acne! Mario Badescu has come to the rescue and I can't wait to share in detail the items I'm loving and how they're working with my skin.

+ Given it's been in the high 80's in PHX lately, I took the chance and spray tanned yesterday- it's silly how good a spray tan makes you feel!

Well friends, that's all she wrote! Have a fabulous friday, xo!

Shades of Cream

February 18, 2014

dress: Surfdome / blazer (similar): H&M / heels: Target / watch: Fossil / bracelets: Alex & Ani / sunnies (similar): Old Navy / necklace: Mia Earrings

It's warming up here in Arizona so I've felt it's totally natural to embrace my lighter spring colors and dress in all creams this past week. It helps adding a pop of metallic in accessories and shoes but I have to say, there's something so serene about a gorgeous neutral and soft palette, can we agree? I came across this dress a few weeks ago on Surfdome and knew it would be something in constant rotation while it warms up because a) the cut is so figure flattering and b) the open back adds just the right amount of playfulness. I'm already looking at more options to add to my collection!

His Timing

February 17, 2014

Being a Christian it's easy for me to lean on the Lord in times of hurt and despair as well as during my daily routine to thank Him for our many life blessings and every once in a while, a verse pops up at the exact moment I need it and I think "wow, this is perfect." It was a few months ago I came across Proverbs 16:9 and I thought it had really resonated with me and my heart at that moment. Fast forward 4 months and yesterday during service, it knocked me right in the face.

I've been a planner and have in my heart everything that needs to be accomplished and built and created and when it doesn't happen instantaneously I become discouraged, hurt, forgotten...etc. But it hit me yesterday, this isn't about my plan. God has His own plan and I need to be patient with that and trust in His timing. I need to stand firm on His word and know that when He wants to present this huge blessing we've been praying for, He will present it. Coming to this realization wasn't easy but it's much easier when my husband has been holding my hand all along praying with me and for me to understand this and to let go of my worries and fears and let God work in our home and hearts. It's surprisingly refreshing waking up today knowing that I'm in that place. I trust Him and I know things will happen when He's ready for them to.

Working From Home | My Routine

February 12, 2014

image via

On January 15th I took a huge leap of faith to work from home for myself as a freelance graphic + web designer. Having it been about a month since I've made this change of work, I feel like I've finally grasped the experience and molded my life and daily routine to be best successful with my business as well as my personal life. Today, I wanted to share a day in the life and a few tips of what I've learned along the way.

Basically, my day doesn't start until early afternoon because I know I'm not a morning person and I need to be my best when using my creative juices and if I'm sleepy or grouchy, it's just not going to happen. You really have to be a self motivator when working for yourself because it all depends on you and your work ethic. I think I have amazing examples of work ethic with my dad and husband and we depend on this income for our home to function so I make it a point each and everyday to work as hard as I can so when I step out of the office each night, I know I did my best for myself and for my clients.

Typically, I do get up a little earlier to get a workout in or I do a class in the evenings but this is a rough idea of my normal day. I do switch it up sometimes also and have lunch with girlfriends or coffee in the morning but again, it's all about finding your balance and working your day around knowing what works for you and what doesn't. Trial and error people! Hopefully this can also be a great resource of a structured day for those who are in the same boat as me. And please, share other ideas if you've found something else works better! I'm always for learning better avenues to being successful.



It doesn't take much for me to fall head over heels with any kind of flowy dress with me having a love for beaches and Mexico and a strong margarita so when I found this simple yet intricate dress from Riffraff, I had to have it. I chose to channel my inner vacationer with the 80 degree AZ weather and paired it with a good sandal & fedora but snagged a light cardigan just in case. It was bliss. I totally plan on bringing this baby when we head to Mexico next month & rightfully so, it's perfect to flaunt on a white sandy beach.

dress | Riffraff #riffrafflove
cardigan | Target
sandals (similar) | Target
fedora | Windsor
watch | Fossil
sunnies | Ray Ban

The Cure

February 11, 2014

After being sick all last week, I took the chance of feeling slightly better and went to lunch with some girlfriends on Friday. It might have been the concept of actually having makeup on for the first time in 5 days or that I found a gorgeous green hedge to take pictures in front of but it cured me. Okay, no entirely but enough to make me put my head down and #GSD so I didn't feel so behind over the weekend. That's a cure, right?

jeans | Paige Denim
sweater | Forever 21
flats (similar) | Steve Madden
bag (similar) | DKNY
watch | Fossil
bracelets | Alex & Ani
necklaces | Miaearrings
sunnies | Ray Ban

Miaearrings | Giveaway!

February 10, 2014

It wasn't long ago I was browsing Etsy looking for the most perfect dainty initial necklace when I came across Miaearrings. From a simple search I found Amy's shop and ended up ordering not one, but two goodies and haven't looked back since. I'm huge on simplicity when it comes to jewelry and I like dainty items so when I found myself grabbing for these necklaces on a daily basis I knew, Miaearrings would be a shop I'd continue to purchase from. I've worn these individually as well as together many times and so many ladies ask where I got them on instagram so I am elated to share Amy is giving away a $25 shop credit to one of my lucky readers and is offering 20% off this entire week (use code kinch20)! We all know it takes a lot for me to truly love something enough to offer a giveaway on the blog so take that as incentive to order at least one gorgeous necklace from this babe and bonus... she's exceptionally reasonable in price!

H O W   T O   E N T E R

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@ M I A E A R R I N G S

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giveaway will close Friday, February 14 at midnight MST

Good luck and don't forget to use code KINCH20 for 20% your purchase now until 2.14!

Keep It Cozy

February 9, 2014

 It seems to me when I'm on vacation and wanting to take outfit pictures, I feel like everywhere is a great place to take them. The beauty of a new surrounding always trumps what I'm used to and I'm so inspired to even snap some pictures in the middle of the street. Back here in AZ, I find it boring and mundane and hard to find spots I really like to capture outfits in but that was not the case while visiting NY. I also loved being able to layer up and show some variety to my wardrobe because as it's already approaching the mid 80's in PHX, I've found myself packing up the winter gear and grabbing for the bright colors and thin layers.

jacket | Forever 21
cardigan | Gap
tee | Sosie
scarf (similar) | Forever 21
boots | Kohls
leggings | Spanx

Fuchsia + Leopard

February 7, 2014

This weekend couldn't come sooner! After traveling back from NY on Monday, I woke up Tuesday feeling great and healthy and by 11am I felt like I was hit by a bus, literally. I was achy and fatigued... coughing and had a fever. It was miserable. By the afternoon I was a zombie in bed crying from the pain and my husband was back on daddy duty until late last night. I'm finally feeling slightly better today (no fever) and I took the opportunity to throw on a bright little number with a pop of leopard to lift my spirits! It just worked that my most recent MAC lipstick purchase (REBEL) matched this gorgeous dress perfectly!

belt | Target
heels (similar- & I'm obsessed!) | Marshall's
purse (similar) | DKNY
watch | Fossil
bracelet | Alex & Ani
necklaces (giveaway coming Monday!) | Miaearrings

New York Travels

February 4, 2014

It's been killing me not being able to share I was headed to New York this past weekend for a little girls trip. My mom and I decided to surprise my cousin at her baby shower along with the rest of the family and since they follow this blog, I had to keep my lips sealed! They were shocked but me being the instagram-queen, it was so hard not snapping pics of packing or traveling until after they saw us late Friday night.

We were in upstate NY which is a few hours from the city so I was lucky enough to finally wear my winter gear without sweating my ass off. It was quite nice, friends. This native AZ girl wouldn't mind visiting them more during the winter because I'm over the moon with the cold climate.

jacket | Forever 21
sweater (similar) | H&M
leggings (worth the splurge!) | Spanx
scarf | Zara
boots | Lauren Conrad