How To: Define Your Eyebrows

August 29, 2013

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Freebie: Desktop Background

August 27, 2013

click here to download desktop background

I have so much going on in my mind with work and with home life that I needed some time to simply create a little background for me. Something I'm not thinking of anyone else for and something that screams "Aubrey." I love a soft blush and gold mixed in so this is the little number now gracing my laptop.

Pickwick & Weller: Going Fall

August 26, 2013

The weather in PHX lately has been seriously gorgeous. It's rained 3 times this last week and our normal 115 degree days have been the cool 90's so it goes without saying I've been soaking it all up!

After getting my hands on a darling tutu styled dress I wanted to play with it in ways I could pair it for fall and in a simple, more casual way for work. Enter, my perfect basic tees from Pickwick & Weller. You met them first here, and saw a few styles I was loving then so today I'm wearing the Hanna in Charcoal. I have it in a longer style because they have a variety of lengths to choose from (!!) so it was perfect for tying up with the oh, so trendy tulle skirt for a great fall look. Add a hint of olive and some pointed toe pumps and I was in my happy place.

Another great option for the Hanna tee (seen above) is throw on an over-sized cardigan, skinny jeans and a great fall boot and you'll look chic and polished but not like you're trying too hard. I'll be honest, that's most likely going to be my signature look this coming season. What about you? What fall trends are you dying for?

You can start shopping with Pickwick & Weller, here and they will even walk you through a little style quiz to make sure they find the perfect basic tee to polish off your wardrobe. I have to say, they have it all right with their priorities. Size, cut, fabrics and wash... you can't go wrong shopping them for your perfect tee. Here is a little more insight to the company and don't forget to stay connected with Pickwick & Weller via social media using hashtags:


Have a fabulous Monday, friends!

Freebie: Prayer Card

August 22, 2013

click here for prayer card printable

I have to be honest when I say I don't take the time I should out of my day to sit with Jesus and pray. It's not always a priority of mine and it's something that is definitely on the back burner. I do know it's my way of communicating with God and how to build my relationship so I've come to the place where I needed some reminders to do so. Here's a simple little prayer card you can carry in your purse or planner; something when you see will remind you to take some time talking to Jesus.

Pretty Pins

August 21, 2013

I've mentioned it before here how much I love Pinterest and it hasn't changed since then. I always find myself at night grabbing a glass of wine and browsing//pinning for an hour or two. There's something about how all the pretty pins make me so inspired and excited to embrace the next day. It's like food for the soul and every girl needs that. I've taken some time to rearrange my bright pin board covers to something ready to embrace fall and all the brisk and airy nights with it so please, follow along and let's get inspired together, friends!

Little White Dress

August 20, 2013

Today marks day two of running around like a chicken with my head cut off due to the new schedule with Drake. Maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit but it really had me worried Sunday night while getting lunches ready and clothes set out. I had a moment of panic thinking what if I'm terrible at taking on this exciting new chapter. What if I'm the stepmom who gets him to school late and forget to pack his favorite snack. What happens if there's inclement weather....step brothers....anyone? But really, WHAT IF?

After I gave myself a good dose of self driven anxiety I passed out and woke up Monday quite easily and things went as smoothly as they could've. I even have my new workout routine scheduled in before I get Drake so I don't miss any days Monday-Friday and yesterday seemed to be the perfect scenario. All went well.

Another thing that has my heart a little lighter are these earrings. I got this perfect lace dress from H&M last year and it's one of my favorite pieces in my closet. I knew these turquoise earrings would pair seamlessly with it. Miss Charlotte from Charlotte is Cha Cha sent them my way and I literally fell in love when I saw them in person. I've always been a huge fan of turquoise and haven't really purchased pieces I loved but really, these earrings add the perfect touch. Do you guys love the turquoise accessory trend? I might have to splurge on a necklace like this, also.

On to goodies, Charlotte is offering 15% off her Etsy shop this week only using code "KINCH15".
Here are a few more favorites of mine from her shop:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Happy shopping friends and seriously, thanks for all the love again with our exciting new journey with Drake!

Colored Blazer: A Collaboration

August 19, 2013

Yay for collaborations with pretty miss Becky from Cella Jane! This month we chose colored blazers and of course, it's been my favorite to date. The obsession I have with them is seriously concerning but I can't help the polished look they give and they're just too stylish to pass up. Can we all agree on this? I think so. It also helps that going into fall, I can wear these now to cover the half sleeve at the church and people won't think I'm crazy since the weather will be cooling; double yay!

Also, I just want to touch on a couple posts Becky has done lately because they're all too stunning not to share. My favorites as of lately are here, here and here (another blazer post, big surprise!). Enjoy!

blazer (option) | Forever 21
skirt (option) | Rue 21
top (option) | H&M
sandals (option) | Target
watch | Fossil
link bracelet | Sira & Mara


August 15, 2013

image via pinterest

A girlfriend told me her honey surprised her with breakfast in bed and he made this and it was to die for. I'm a huge brown sugar lover so I was intrigued. I tried it, fell in love and haven't made my coffee different since. It really is that scrumptious. You must try it!

And again, thank you for all the love on yesterday's exciting news. We are over the moon!

Exciting News!

August 14, 2013

We are pumped.

Too Legit To Quit

August 13, 2013

Where you at cold weather?

August 12, 2013

The one thing I love about hubby's birthday being in late summer is it always get my mind in fall mode. After it's come and past, I start making my season transition checklist and it gets me yearning for brisk nights and my fave caramel apple spice from Starbs (which they sell all year!).

This past weekend I was on a mission to clean out the closets. It gives me so much anxiety knowing how all our closet space is filled to the max and makes me concerned for how we can manage making room for a larger family so I was determined to clean everything out. During that time I came across all my fall and winter clothing which has me dying for some cooler air now. I always say I live in the wrong state because I love the cold more than anything and I have to say my wardrobe is perfection during those short cool months in AZ. I realized while moving clothes from hangers to storage bins I'll be wearing the same thing all during the cooler times in similar variations and I'm completely okay with that. Skinnies, a chunky sweater or cardigan, boots and the classic aviators. I also can't wait for slathering my nails with olive, navy and oxblood tones. I CANNOT WAIT. You too?

Hubs and I have some big news to share this week also, I think Wednesday will be the day!
and no, we aren't pregnant.... :)

Friday Freebie!

August 9, 2013

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Camo Love

August 8, 2013

Tuesday was a little different than normal in Phoenix, it was raining. That happens about 4 times a year. Okay, not really but it's maybe 10 times tops so with it being in the 80's versus the 110's, I kind of had to break out my new camo leggings from Hello Fab to enjoy it. And you guys, these leggings have the softest fabric I've felt in my entire life. Truly. I have to say I'm also excited to pair these with some boots and a cozy cardigan but let's be honest, that weather doesn't hit Phoenix until November so I guess it's time to be patient.

In other news, Drake was my photographer with these and we chanced a little time in the middle of the street meaning, we almost got run over about 30 times. Yay for being alive today!

And really, you need these leggings or anything from Hello Fab for that matter.

top (option) | H&M
leggings | Hello Fab
flats (option) | Old Navy
bag (option) | DKNY
watch | Fossil
bracelet | Sira Mara

Pickwick & Weller

August 7, 2013

So, so excited to share a new company I've been working with as of lately. Why? Well, I'll be honest. I'm the girl who isn't in shape and has been trying and trying to get those sausage arms of mine into the "perfect" basic tee and it doesn't seem to work. I've tried Target, H&M, Old Navy, Madewell, get the point. So when I was contacted by Pickwick & Weller, I was open to trying out a few of their basic tees but my expectations weren't high. I received them late last week and unfortunately for my husband, I've been living in my new tees since. They specialize in all kinds of cuts and length at Pickwick & Weller so when I chatted with my rep she listened to my style and wants and found two items of theirs that suit my needs. Aren't convinced yet? I can only encourage you to take a few seconds here to find the perfect fit and style there can offer you.

The tops I was sent are: 
The Margot // Boyfriend Fit // Vintage White (shown above sz L)
The Hanna // Classic Fit // Charcoal (also sz L)

Both are so soft and so classic. I can't say it enough how much I love pairing a basic tee with a blazer or cardigan to dress up with heels or down with flats but these both suit those needs perfectly. I've also been completely smitten over these few styles that I just might need to snag sooner than later!

Either way, I have a coupon code for all your fab readers of mine so get started here on figuring out what styles suit your body and the coupon code will be active for you at the check out through that link, you just have to simply copy and paste for it to reflect! One last fun way to get connected with Pickwick & Weller is tagging them on IG with hashtags:

Happy shopping, friends!

DIY: Custom Polish

August 5, 2013

I find that I change my polish almost every day if not every other and I have a few colors I'm obsessing over but wish they had just a touch of something else to make them that perfect color I want to wear. I've recently been playing with a few colors of mine to mix and I've found two new custom polishes I've been alternating on since this little discovery. Enter the colors above. Trust me, you will love the way they turn out!

Do you have any mixing polish secrets?

Friday Freebie!

August 2, 2013

phone, here
iPad, here
desktop, here

Hi pretties! Thank you so much for all your love and prayers over this past week as I had my implant removed. I would say I'm still on the mend with a tiny hole where it was removed and I am still feeling a little off. Nausea, slight fever, aches....etc. I'm trying to get my body in work mode and knock out some design work today and tomorrow but we will see how that happens. You can get caught up on my implant journey, here. Happy weekend and be blessed, beauties!

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