Friday Freebie!

May 31, 2013

Maybe I'm my worst critic but most of the freebies I make are ones I don't normally use. A lot of the time it's for your phone and I like to have my hubs face or Drake on the front so it's not something my "style" exactly but after getting my iPad it's been no easy feat finding a background I wanted to use. After searching Pinterest a bit and learning more the vibe of design I like, I finally made a desktop background (which I also used for my iPad background) that I'm in love with! If I could define my style it would be classic with a bold element, normally something neon or whimsical to spice it up so this freebie is exactly what I can use that defines me and it's something I can use for a long time!

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Enjoy friends!

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Half Sleeve

May 30, 2013

I figured it was that time to finally debut this half sleeve with the attention it deserves on the blog. Back in October, Andrew and I both had major ink added to our bodies. He had a full sleeve done which just makes me melt. I think it's so sexy and it's even sexier his meaning behind his. It's a heaven vs. hell display that really taps into his beliefs and views on everyday life and the temptations in it. Mine is a little different.

You see, I always knew I wanted to have tattoos and ones that covered a lot. I've said from day one I want both arms sleeved and I'd love to have more added to my back so when I had the opportunity to start a design, I defaulted to more floral. Every tattoo I have is built around a floral design. My foot, back, hip, side... all have some type of flowers incorporated. It's something I love, something that's beauty in my eyes, something I know I'd be happy with permanently on my body. Everything else I have is done in color and I thought this time, I'd like a change.

It's just been in the last year I've immersed myself into design and I've really learned the things I love and the things I'm drawn to so it seemed natural to make this piece all black and grays. I had him touch a few spots to highlight in white and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome.

I'm sure some of you are asking, "why a skull?". I get people think it's a bit much especially being on a girl that is the definition of girly but it's special to me. It was important to me to also have something in my tattoo that represented the time of life I was in and a skull just seemed right. I've become really close with Drake over the last two years and he's been very vocal about how he loved daddy's skull tattoo so I thought, let's do it! I'm going to add a skull and it's going to represent my Little Man. Crazy? Maybe, but it warms my heart looking at my arm and thinking how it represents myself in floral and my boys with a skull. Again, truly transparent to the time of life I am in.

We're talking about adding more ink with me sleeving the remaining part of my arm and Andrew working on a back piece. It's something we both find our voice and beauty in and I can't wait to continue adding onto the art I already have.


May 29, 2013

A couple months ago we purchased a juicer, this one here and it's been amazing for us. Andrew grew up juicing and has his favorite recipe and I've never done it but was excited to try it. I'm normally a green smoothie kind of gal but juicing has been just as great for me and I personally think it takes a lot better! I've been able to customize the flavor to my liking and I know I'm getting great nutrients for my day.

We are going to Mexico mid June and both have been on the journey to shedding pounds here and there focusing on what we eat and attempting to be more active. So we've decided for the next couple weeks until we go, we're going to simply juice and that's it.  I've heard of quite a few people doing this and they tend to lose the weight pretty easily and quickly but I guess I'm just concerned we're going to be depriving our bodies of necessities. I've considered adding in a few salads for dinners so I'm not going to bed hungry but we will see.

Either way, I'm excited about it and I can't complain because it's a delish "meal". Cross your fingers we make some kind of transformation in our time doing this.

favorite recipe:
5 carrots
3 oranges, peeled
1 stick celery
8-10 cubed pineapple

May 28, 2013

This stuff is a life saver. I was using the basic drug store shampoo and conditioner normally Tresemme because it was inexpensive and did the job. Last year when I had black hair and went back to blonde in the matter of 3 weeks, I needed something strong and worth it. I splurged on Redken, which I had used many times in the past and haven't looked back since. It's great for color treated, dry hair and it's lasted me 9 months with the large sizes.

2 | Biotin
I jumped on the bandwagon about 6 months ago taking Biotin along with my daily prenatal vitamins and my hair is finally growing to where it's noticeable! I couldn't preach about this stuff more because it works so well. It's cheap and is great for your nails and skin also. Totally worth the buy!

I used to be the girl who'd grab a brush and yank through my hair causing a million times more breakage and damage than needed. I purchased a wide tooth comb about a year ago and it's really kept my hair in great condition. I like to have one in the shower so I comb through my hair with conditioner on it and I have one for when I'm combing through after the shower.

It's like heaven in a bottle. The smell is divine and the consistency with the product works on so many hair types. I prefer using this after I've curled versus straightening because it has a oil base and I feel like it pumps up the shine on my locks, gives off a wonderful scent and it's perfect for taming those annoying fly aways.

When my hair was at it's worse, this stuff saved me. One little pump takes you a long way and it's worth the spend. It's great for adding the perfect amount of moisture to your hair along with the ability to tame and keep hair in it's place. I like to finish with the spray to add some glimmer and tasty scent.

Need a hair masque that really works? Spend the money and get this stuff. It's great to apply in the shower while shaving your legs and I always comb through with my wide tooth comb. I like to do it about every other week because the product goes a long way.

Tangerine + Army Green

May 27, 2013

Being completely truthful, I threw on my extensions and had to capture the great hair day that was happening. Doesn't the color just match so well? I'm still over the moon about my "sombre" I've been rockin' for a few weeks now. So hubs and I were heading out for drinks so it just so happened I was in this little number. Perfect summer attire in Arizona. Well, maybe not the blazer but it was 8pm so it wasn't too unmanagable.

We need to touch on those H&M shorts. You saw a red paid here and I've since then purchased 3 more pair because they're $12 and the fit is perfection. I'd recommend getting some, and coming from a lady who hates her legs and wearing shorts, that means a lot. I'm trying people, I'll embrace the dimples this summer because it's too dang hot in my neck of the woods not to be in shorts.

Also, that white blazer is dreamy. I'm guilty of trying to wear it everyday and I'll admit, it does happen quite often. It's been hard trying to find the right attire for working at the church this summer. I didn't think I would struggle so much trying to cover my tattoo but it's also an oven outside so I'm torn. Most coworkers say to show it and then there's one person who gives me the stare down when the lovely half sleeve is out. Makes me want to get real sassy but I must act like a lady.

tee (option) | forever 21
blazer (option) | H&M
shorts | H&M
wedges | nordstrom
necklace (option) | forever 21
watch | fossil

Friday Freebie!

May 24, 2013

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Growing Your Marriage

May 22, 2013

To be completely truthful, I have to say I'm one of the lucky married ladies. I know so many people who struggle and fight to keep their marriage lively and I'm blessed to say, I'm not one of them. Andrew and I have build our marriage on a foundation of Christ and we've always put Him first in our home. We then have added the fun elements and love and we've ended up with a pretty great recipe for happiness. I'd say over the few years we've been married this past one has been the most trying and I only say this because of Drake growing up and we've been trying to get more time with him which in turn, really has nothing to do with our marriage but just life in general being a little overwhelming. Either way, I feel like we have a few things we do daily that help keep our marriage growing and I'd like to share them with you!

1 | Little Notes: This can't be more simple. When you take a small moment to write a note to your honey, it leaves an impact. Andrew and I have taken a picture frame and placed it in our bathroom to write notes on with a white board marker. It's a simple note saying "I had a great time last night!" or even something to the point like "you make me belly laugh & I like it". It could really be anything but ultimately, it will make your boo smile.

2 | Communicate: Ladies, are you listening? This is crucial. Men see things at face value. I know me, being me, like to hint at things or throw little clues out to my husband to figure out and he just doesn't. Learn from me and just be blunt and tell him how you really feel. It helps him learn your desires simply without drama and hurt feelings. It gives you both the opportunity to talk it out and to communicate without leaving a situation unresolved. I've had one too many times I end a conversation in utter frustration because he doesn't see what I'm trying to say and that's no bueno, friends. Plain and simple, speak in less words and to the point.

3 | Check Them Out: I'll be honest, I think my husband is one sexy MoFo. I have my ways of checking him out in a very subtle way but I also like to make it apparent so he knows how much I enjoy him and all of him. A simple comment goes a long way for those men, so tell them how much you enjoy their hottness!

4 | Flirt: You started your relationship flirty so you better keep it that way. What's more fun than being all giddy because your man makes you nervous still? Those butterflies are something I never want to lose so I make the intention to flirt and to date my hubs all the time. It's keep things spontaneous and uplifting; it's exciting too!

5 | Use Your Manners: Maybe it's just me but the more I see people the more I'm disappointed in their manners and sense of entitlement. What happened to please and thank you for the simplest of gestures? Why is it uncommon to use manners these days? Hubs and I both were raised strict on manners and we both are great at making sure the other knows their small gestures are received with so much appreciation. I can't stress saying please and thank you enough!

Again, I am blessed by my man. We were raised the same and watched each of our parents fall in love all over again every day and we both knew early on we wanted that. When we found each other and knew it would be a lifetime sharing those moments, it made it easy having the same background and foundation. He and I both can only encourage to always be your spouses best friend and don't take the times you have together for granted. I hope these little insights can bring some ideas to your home to keep your marriage continually blossoming!

Psalm 119:25

May 21, 2013

I write this feeling a broken heart for a particular family and a close friend. This past weekend, an old, middle school crush of mine (I mean, he was a drummer for a seriously stellar, band; who wouldn't crush on that?) who happened to be best friends with one of my current co-workers was killed in the line of duty.

To the Harper family and Lena, my heart and prayers reach out to you in this time of grief. I pray God wraps His arms around you to heal your broken hearts and to give you clarity that Brad is now your beautiful angel.

Jake, after going through what you are now, I can only tell you to cherish those moments you spent with your best friend and know you have so many people around you who love and care for you. We're all here if you need comfort or prayer, we're all here to hold your hand as you mourn Brad's loss. God now has His hands on Brad and has welcomed him with open arms. Find comfort in knowing you'll soon be together again for all eternity.

I come here to share because I've always had clarity that the blogging community is a community of Faith and Prayer. I ask you all now to take a moment to pray for the Harper family and particularly Brad's wife, Lena.

If you feel so inclined to help, visit here.

"I am laid low in the dust; preserve my life according to Your word."
-Psalm 119:25

5k Recap

About a year ago I did my first run ever. It was a 10k, Run for the Thirsty held in Phoenix. You can read all about it, here. So a couple months ago my Aunt emailed me with a groupon deal for the Rock & Glow run in Phoenix. I did my last run with my cousin, Madison so my Aunt thought both girls, Madison and Stevie would like to do this run with me. We booked it and committed and were super excited! 

This run was a little different than our last being at night versus in the morning. If you've ever been to Arizona in May, you'll understand that a night run would be much more enjoyable with less of a chance of overheating. We registered at 6pm, went to the bar, had a few margaritas and started the race at 8:30pm! Yes, I had a few drinks, the baby cousins? Obviously, not as they're 12 & 14 but my Aunt and Hubs joined in on my pregaming! :)

Last week we all finally admitted though we hadn't been running or training at all so we pretty much went into the run thinking we'd walk and just enjoy the time together. Well we did it. We actually ran the majority of the race! I felt pretty good and knew I would've been able to run the whole thing if my husband wasn't texting my cousin during it asking how we're doing. Ha! We had a few moments to stop and text him back and that was it. Those girls just brought so much joy and pride to me. I was so proud of them for running this and doing it with such determination. Both girls were saying they haven't run more than 1 mile without stopping so all in all, we all rocked it! We ended the race at 38.16 and we all feel very accomplished!

And those two kiddos there? Yep, they're best friends. My cousin Rylan and my stepson Drake are about 10 months apart in age and love getting together! Since the race theme was "Rock & Glow" they went all out getting dressed up in glow sticks and crazy accessories. It just kills me.

Giveaway: Pearls + Pastries

May 19, 2013

I'm so excited to share something special today with you all! I came across Pearls + Pastries Etsy shop through miss Ashlyn of LIBB who had a gorgeous gold sequined hanger in her bedroom. I pretty much fell in love right away and knew I needed something sassy like that in my life. After chatting with Lauren a bit about her fabulous shop, she sent me some goodies to play with!

So today, Lauren of Pearls + Pastries is being beyond generous and giving away a $15.00 shop credit to one of my fabulous readers. Let me just say, if her shop doesn't sell you right off the bat, her instagram will because everything she shares is gorgeous! She's also being so kind and offering 15% off your purchase when using code"KINCH15" when you order! Go shop, like now.

I mean, really. Look at all that fun stuff. Don't you just want it all? The best part about this shop is that fact that she supplies, girly and fun items for us girls on a budget. I'm still undecided if I love the gold hanger or the gold polka dotted plate. It's all so cute, especially the bobby pin print! This is the tassel she sent me and I've had a million compliments on it already. It's the perfect little accessory to throw your work key, mail key, house key on and it doesn't take an obnoxious amount of room in my purse. Win win, if you ask me.

here's how to enter:

Pearls + Pastries

3 entries | leave a separate comment for each entry

B O N U S   E N T R Y
about the giveaway tagging

your favorite item of the Pearls + Pastries shop tagging
@pearlsandpastries & @aubreykinch

2 bonus entries | leave a separate comment for each entry

The giveaway will close Friday, May 24 at midnight MST and the winner will be contacted shortly after. If you're the winner and don't claim your winnings within 48 hours a new winner will be chosen. Don't forget, you can shop now with 15% off using code "KINCH15". Good luck and get your booty over to the Pearls + Pastries etsy shop!

May 17, 2013

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inspiration piece is a gorgeous day planner, see it here.

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iPhone Photo Editing & Apps

May 15, 2013

I'll just be honest and tell you all I have an obsession with taking pictures. We go out to eat, I take a picture. Brutus gives me a cute look, I take a picture. Hubby is being funny, I take a picture. My nail polish color is perfection, I take a picture. You get the point. Well I'm on instagram and have quite a few people asking how I edit my pictures because they always look so bright and clean and I've found a few picture apps that I can't live without so let's chat about how you can update those nasty, grainy phone pictures, yes?

After Light // This app is the first one I pop my photos in. This gives me the ability to brighten, adjust exposure, clarity, contrast...etc. I also like to add a white background in this app to all my pictures so if it's a shot I want to be vertical versus a square, I don't have the ugly black lines on the sides. Same goes for horizontal. Once you've uploaded here, play with the settings they give options for. This is also the app I like to use for Black and White filters because they have one (ash) that brightens the lighter spots which gives an effect I personally like. 

Pic FX // After I've brightened and adjusted in After Light, I pop it into Pic FX to brighten slightly more if the picture requires or add a fun filter. I'm not huge on filters but I love the section of PFX Film filters this app offers. I use PFX 5 mostly, which brings it a shade lighter and slightly more crisp looking.

Instagram // Obviously a great social media outlet and a great way to share snap shots. I haven't used an Instagram filter in probably 6 months but evidently, I use this app for the networking aspect.

Huge difference, right?

Taking pictures with your iPhone can either be a blessing or a pain in the toosh. I've learned a few things over my course of owning the iPhone and how to accomplish better pictures while using it. 

Lighting // Natural lighting is your best friend. I like to stand next to an open window with a good source of light filtering it so when I take my picture, the quality isn't grainy from being so dark.

Stability // Make sure when taking your photos you aren't shaky or moving too much because you'll end up with an image that's a hot mess of blur. To best succeed in a stable image, tap your screen so the camera focuses before taking the picture.

Adjusting // When you're taking a picture on your iPhone, you can easily make it lighter by tapping the screen of your image. When you're about to take the picture, tap the darkest area of the image and the camera will automatically brighten on the screen giving you a better quality image after it's taken.

Cropping // Nothing is worse on a picture than an ugly background. That room of yours with clothes thrown everywhere? Not so cute. If you don't have the ability to snap something outside or in an area with a neutral background, play with cropping it as needed to disguise anything that's sore on the eyes.

Flash // If at all possible, do not use your flash. If it's at night in a bar, it's a hot mess of fog and it's not a good image you'll want to use. I recommend always snapping under a street light or even where it's dim and then edit the exposure so you can see what the image is better. Again, natural lighting is your best friend.

All in all, I encourage you to take a little time and play with these tips of mine and those apps. It really makes a difference in the quality of image you leave out for all to see. I've noticed I get many more "likes" on images I've spent the time editing to make eye pleasing so I'm sure it'll be worth all the time you do learning them!

I N S T A G R A M : @aubreykinch

May 14, 2013

Florals // What girl doesn't love fresh floral around? They instantly brighten the room and give such a refreshing vibe. I am loving all things white these days so I tend to gravitate towards a big bouquet of white hydrangea. I have been mixing it up with a few spring mixes to involve around the rest of the house too! Special note: splurge from time to time on a few roses, fill your tub with hot, lavender scented water with bubbles and add your rose petals.. (perfect for a date night!)

Cards // Blank cards, thank you cards, special name it, I love it. The gold foil trend has me yearning to order something custom with my initial just to have on display in my office. Although, I could easily make something like Kate did here to fix that want.

Sharpie Pens // They are the best thing to write with. End of story.

Cupcakes & Cashmere // This book is inspired by this blog and it's something I loved getting my hands on. Emily writes about the simplest things that build a lifestyle and she celebrates the little things that keep it exciting and refreshing. I take a few moments each day to read a bit more and it's something I just enjoy scanning through because the images are beyond inspiring. I highly recommend this for any lady in your life as a simple gift; we can all benefit from learning a few new cocktail recipes and how to decorate appropriately for the holidays.

Candles // Whether you splurge on candles or simply snag some from Target as I do, they set the mood and aroma for a successful work day. The first thing I do in the morning before even brewing some coffee is grab my favorite Pink Magnolia candle to burn. It gets me excited to buckle down and work for a few hours while it's scent mesmerizes me.

What are some of your favorites to have in your office?
see my office, here.

No Chip Polish

May 13, 2013

I think I've finally overcome the infamous nail polish chipping. I've tried what seems like 100 different base coats and top coats all finding that they suck, pretty much. So I changed my method of manicuring. I normally would throw on a fast dry top coat just thinking of convenience since I paint my nails every two days or so but one night I actually did my polish leisurely and found the results to be fantastic!

First things first, make sure you have a couple hours to spare pampering yourself. When I take the time to make sure my polish will stay, I want to make sure I have the time to let that happen. Grab a good magazine or some books, stock up on shows and get your butt planted on your couch ready to veg.

You'll want to make sure your nails are prepped and ready to have the polish adhere. I like to remove all polish then soak in warm suddsy water with a hint of lavender oil to give my cuticles a little love. File the ends to your desired length (shorter is better in my book!) and buff out to remove any imperfections. 

To apply your polish you'll start by placing a single thin coat of base coat. Let this dry completely! Next, add a thin layer of your polish of choice (Sinful Colors // Endless Blue is my favorite lately), again letting this dry completely before applying a second coat. Repeat. Lastly you'll top your dried nails with a top coat making sure it's a thin layer here too. I'm sure you can tell now but the most important thing about this process is to make sure each layer is 100% dried before applying the next. Slowly painting is your best friend here. The slower and thinner the coats are, the longer it will last.

Pretty simple, right? My nails normally chip within 12 hours of painting them because I'm so hard on them and they lasted me 6 days without chipping when I did this! Totally worth a night of indulging on the couch if you ask me. 

shop my polish shown:

Friday Freebie!

May 10, 2013

I lost my Grandma to Alzheimer's in 2007 shortly after my Grandpa died in 2003. Over the time she was on her own I was just starting to drive and would visit her frequently at her assisted living home. We would have dates to get our nails done on the weekends and as a family, we'd take her out to dinner throughout the week. I started leaving her little notes around the house before we'd leave and some times she'd remember and other times she wouldn't. I once left her one that read "holler". The next time I saw her I asked her what my note said and she had responded saying "holler". I was beaming she remembered and even more giddy by the way she said it.

You see, Grandma would pucker her lips, cock her mouth to the side and say "holler" with such determination and such pride, I couldn't get enough of it. From then on up until the last days with her in Hospice, I'd ask her to say "holler" and she would, with the same pride and determination she did the as the first time she said it.

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home screen background, here.

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enjoy your freebie + weekend, friends!

How To: 1 Inch Curls

May 9, 2013

Can we talk about how long my hair is finally getting? This has been one thing driving me bonkers since I chopped it off two years ago. Had I known it would take it's sweet time getting back to a manageable length, I don't think I would've done it. Although, it did show me that my collar bone is the shortest I should ever go now since I have an obsession with throwing it up. 

Anyway, I thought I'd take some time to show you how I've been styling my hair lately. You've seen flat iron curls here but I've become best friends with my old 1 inch curling iron again and I've been more than pleased with how my hair is turning out lately. The length of my hair is perfect for these curls and I love throwing on a little sea salt to add some texture and messiness to the oh, so polished curls.

P R O D U C T S   U S E D :
aquage uplifting foam
moroccan oil serum
hot tools 1 inch curling iron
sea salt spray
bed head hairspray
Happy curling, friends!

Classic Look

May 8, 2013

We all know I'm notorious for blazers and it's something that I'm constantly reaching for in my closet but lately I've been really drawn to all things neutral with an emphasis on black. It may not be the most practical thing to wear living in AZ but there's something about the staple of black and the chic//classic look it can bring when paired with a vibrant red and a touch of gold. So lately, this little ensemble is exactly what I'm dying to wear daily.... really.

I have the perfect nude pumps from Target I got two years ago which are a great staple to have. My Joe Jeans are my favorite dark wash skinnies and fit seamlessly! I've been obsessed with OPI's Big Apple Red lacquer for ages and my H&M black blazer is the most comfortable thing to throw on. I did get my Fossil Natalie watch for Christmas and it's something I have worn everyday since! Literally, everyday. So ladies, these are all pieces I can guarantee are worth the investment. They're classic and won't be going out of style any time soon, I'm sure.

Happy shopping!


May 7, 2013

A typical day for me includes waking up and checking social media first off. I go through my email, twitter feed, instagram and then connect on Blogger for updated posts. This all happens before I even get out of bed. So it can take me anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Once I've made my way through everything there, I get the laptop going in my office, read more blogs and start responding to emails. I make myself a strong cup of coffee and power through all this by 10am.

I then begin really working on design items once they're categorized by importance. This goes all through the afternoon and evening all the while I'm checking social media and staying updated on everyone else's lives and blogs. I normally shut down my business work around 6pm and then snag the iPad to bring into the family room with me to then again, check more social media and start pinning for the night.

Hubs gets home, we make dinner and shower and once we're back on the couch an hour later, I am back at firmly holding my iPhone in one hand and iPad in the other. I constantly am checking feeds on all handles up until we migrate into the master. Hubs falls asleep right off the bat and then I spend 2-3 hours on social media again. Mostly Pinterest but always staying connected.

I used to come home from work and when that happened, the phone went in the bedroom not to be touched and I didn't feel the need to always be accessible for clients. Now, I feel if I get an email from a client at 11pm, I need to respond right away. Guess what though? I don't have to do this.

I realized last night watching TV with my man that I legitimately pick up my phone, check all feeds and lock it only to pick it up 3 minutes later doing the same thing. That is beyond unhealthy! I had quite a slap in the face last night learning this about myself and I'm sure it's been going on for months. I wish I could take back those moments in time I'm choosing that over time with Andrew and I wish I had realized the depth of this addiction sooner. So I'm ready to make a change and work hard at keeping social media "out of the bedroom" if you will.

I have to admit, Monday - Friday from the time I wake up to 6pm will be the time for me to stay connected. I work in a networking atmosphere and need to make sure to keep that built up so I can gain clients but any time after my "office hours" needs to be diminished. No more phone on the couch, no more iPad easily accessible, no more computers on after 6pm. End of story.
Weekends I do keep my phone on me while out because I am a picture junkie and love snapping any moment so of course, there will be instagrams and tweets here and there but it's also a time to slow down during the day because I'm not working and nights will be strictly, no electronics either.

It sounds so ridiculous having an issue with spending too much time connected but I want to take a step back and enjoy the moments God places before me with my husband and stepson. I want to embrace the times at night of laughter without having a phone stuck in my face. It won't be easy, I'm sure but it will fully be worth it!

How To: Smokey Eyes

May 5, 2013

A week or so ago I posted a picture on instagram about my hair but got a million more compliments on my eye makeup. You've seen here I am pretty basic when it comes to shadows and I keep it pretty neutral and not too dark so when I got my hands on some new products that create an amazing smokey eye, I had to start doing it daily, duh. So I wanted to show a little step by step of the products I use so you can accomplish your own smokey eye.

First thing to take note of is that this eye is a darker brown//charcoal eye versus a black smokey eye. I like this better because it's not as harsh and tends to bring out to green in my eyes better. I'm showing below the order of application so please know they are all applied the same way for shadows just to the crease. The Almond focuses on the entire lid and I go back using Coffee Shop and Espresso on the outer corners. I also take a bit of the Espresso and rough it up under my bottom lashes. I use the Devil's Food eye crayon as an eyeliner making it thick and bold to really make the eyes pop and to help them appear larger.

almond | mary kay
coffee shop | milani
espresso | mary kay
devil's food | ulta
rocket mascara | maybelline
soft nude | revlon

Easy enough, right? This is something that took me a few times to really be comfortable with the application and to fully embrace the boldness it shouts but now that I have, I love pairing it with a nude lip, black top and some red nails. It's the perfect statement for a night out and gives little glam vibe for a day at work. Feeling even more adventurous? Throw on a pair of false eyelashes and you'll really have some eyes that stand out!

you can see other make up posts, here.

Friday Freebie!

May 3, 2013

This week has been up and down and a hot mess if I may say so. The truth is, I'm in the process of reducing my hours even more at the church so I can work more from home on design work. This summer I'll simply be working two weeks a month at the church and two weeks a month at home. That's quite a jump for my schedule! This has a lot to do with Drake and I'm excited it's giving me the opportunity to focus my main efforts on design.

Who knew a year ago I'd ever see myself where I am now? I surely didn't. I went to school thinking I'd pursue teaching, 5th grade actually and once college started I soon realized it just wasn't my thing. I chose to plan a wedding and get married over building a career and then blogging happened. Sweet blogging. It's brought a new light of love into my life and has made my home business a success and what's better than doing something you love everyday, right?

So friends, bare with me while I learned to navigate this schedule change. But of course, it's Friday and you better get to snagging your freebie!

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Happy Weekend!

Black + White

May 2, 2013

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Can we talk about this obnoxiously cute skirt? Yes, we should because I'm in love with it. It's from eShaki. Heard of it? If not all you really need to know is they make some seriously cute clothing that's completely customizable for you! You're probably thinking completely customizable, hmmm? Well, they can adjust the hem, waist, neckline, name it, they'll do it. Talk about great, yes? I know it's always a struggle finding the right size things because I have a small bust but quite the badunka so this was heaven to my ears learning about eShaki

This is the skirt I purchased and it's shown in the shortest length available. My goal was to pair it with some flats and a cardigan or wedges and a chiffon top as shown here. So far, I've worn it a handful of times and it's been everything and more I dreamed it would be. The perfect LBS for all occasions and the compliments have been endless.

Basically, I'm telling you to head over to the eShaki site and get to shopping friends, you won't regret the cuteness overload you'll end up with!

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Implant Updates

May 1, 2013

It's been 4 weeks of having the new BC implant and at the time of writing this post all was going good just dealing with bruising and healing up right. Here I am now and I have some other details I want to get out because it's been a struggle lately.

Firstly, I've been more emotional and crying in the last 4 weeks than I have since I was in high school 5 years ago. My eyes are constantly burning because I've been constantly crying. Whether it's because something upsets more or because I'm not feeling good, I'm crying. I have been one to normally control those emotions and I've been able to hold it in but I have zero control right now. The water works have been endless and it's getting me discouraged. I asked my husband last night if he's over the tears yet or if he knows he has to deal with emotions on a daily basis yet because it's been that bad. Poor guy.

Secondly, I have been so nauseous! Again, I am used to nausea from migraines and can handle it pretty well normally, but I am dying! I have been throwing up daily at least twice a day and it's been a roller coaster of never knowing if I'll be able to keep food down or if I'll be in bed. I have a prescription for nausea from my doctor but it makes me so sleepy so it's been hard taking it during the day. I've had a few people tell me some items that can help for nausea so I've been trying them all and so far, nothing truly makes it stop.

Another thing that's getting a little extensive in a side effect is spotting. I had my implant inserted the first day of my period and I haven't stopped bleeding since then. I was told this could go on for a month or two but it's getting a little annoying. I did go into this procedure fully knowing these issues and expecting things to happen but from what I read to what I'm experiencing, I didn't think I'd get all the problems, only maybe a few.

I can say the bruise has finally disappeared and the insertion mark is barely visible now so those are positive things in my mind! I'm just at a point physically where I'm ready for these issues to diminish so I can feel normal again without the constant worry of sickness.

Anyone else who's done this before have some insight?