Well happy Tuesday everyone!
Did you all get to see the Bachelorette last night??
I didn't.... it's definitely recording BUT I couldn't handle staying up til 10:30pm. Therefore tonight, is filled with Emily Maynard and I couldn't be happier.

Until then, I wanted to get you all up to date with life. Meaning you're getting all the deets about my new job and how things went down breaking it to the family I nanny for.

Let's start with a little background; I grew up at Community Church of Joy, left after middle school and just recently started back with Andrew in February-- you saw that here. We now volunteer as Youth Leaders and LOVE it; the kids, the atmosphere, the fellowship speaks straight to our hearts and we feel so blessed they've welcomed us to be apart of the team.

If you saw this post, you know I was struggling; I didn't know if it was time to move on, I didn't know what the right thing to do was, I didn't know what the responsible thing to do was. I did know I wasn't myself and heading down a spiral to unhappiness and discontentment.

After an evening with my parents and hubs with lots of tears and Margaritas, I knew it was time to bite the bullet. It was time to put myself out there, be vulnerable and start applying at different places that appealed to me. It was this emotional night I found a job opening at CCOJ-- our church home.
If that wasn't a sign, I don't know what is!

Two days later, I was contacted scheduling my first interview, the following day I was scheduled for a second interview and was offered the position on the spot.

My heart in a nutshell that moment:

The Lord was leading me into the next chapter of life; the chapter that will mold my adulthood.

My key responsibilities include-- reception, outreach, coordinating items needed for the services and Graphic Design work!
Umm, amazing, right?!!
I am beyond ecstatic about this new journey.

The next day going to work was the hardest day I've faced being with Elle. I want her to know how much I love her and cherish the moments I've had with her and being apart of that family. I wish I could explain to her why I have to leave instead of abondoning her without explanation. She won't understand and maybe that's better but it's going to take time for her and myself to learn to be without each other. We will learn to attach to new surroundings in our lives and that I am thankful for.

Her parents were incredible in accepting my wants and needs to expand to another chapter in my life. They promise to keep me in Elle's life and to call for random play dates. As they take on finding a new nanny, I can only be an ear to listen to their frustration with finding someone to replace me and that is something I understand. It's also something I'm doing everything I can to help them; they deserve a great individual watching over their little-- Elle NEEDS someone great to hold her hand in growth over the next few precious years.

So thank you for all your prayers, support, love and encouragement during the funk I was going through. I appreciate each and everyone who has reached out to me; it makes the world of difference knowing you're not in this crazy life alone. I'm confident life is moving forward and there's a bright light at the end of the tunnel. One I'm running head on for.