I'm just going to say it.
I'm a little overwhelmed. And when I say a little I mean I'm immensely stressed and anxious like crazy lately.

I'm so honored the church has asked me to design the Student Ministries building but that can be a lot on your shoulders. Saturday we started the process painting and putting together some great IKEA finds but when we left, paint was splattered on the floors, walls weren't covered thoroughly and old furniture was intermixed with new as we're in the middle of still purchasing furniture items.

I went home defeated knowing Sunday morning with Children's Ministries being in the building it would bring up some questions as to why the building was a hot mess currently. People were probably turning in their minds "WHAT IS THIS CHICK THINKING?!!!" At least that's what I would of thought had I been an outsider.

Today we're tackling touch up painting and cleaning hardcore. I also plan to start implementing some random decor items to get the place looking put together and cohesive. But until I see the place done, I'm a little embarrassed for others to see it. I want people to only see old to new. NOT all the crazy in between chaos that's taking up the building wall to wall right now.

Whew. Prayers would be appreciated for a productive day today and week of improvement before we have a Grand Opening in the coming future. I guess I can't have my hopes too high when it is a GIANT building in desperate need of a face lift. It's destined to take time and lots of energy, right?

And, YES. Pictures will be coming eventually!