looking back.

October 5, 2012

It's been a week of looking back at everything we've been through, everything we've accomplished, everything we've made memories doing. I've been digging around my pictures and found our honeymoon folder and buried myself in those moments captured in still form. I try to remember back to each moment perfectly and with the pictures, I remember how blissful that week was away from life just enjoying our fresh days of being newly married loves.

We spent 7 days in paradise in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico at Barcelo. The resort was perfect for what we wanted, all inclusive with a small beach, 2 huge pools and room service. We were famous for getting room service at the latest hours of the night and we look back now laughing every time we eat a club sandwich cause that was the meal of choice. Nightly. And it was so delicious.

Holy blonde hair, huh?! What can I say? Hubs loved his blonde bride. I can't say he'd loved me being my heaviest at our wedding but I do know he embraced those pounds with his strong arms and I'm so thankful for that. He's been my biggest fan in my journey of shedding those "wedding planning pounds" and I'm so confident having him by my side as I deal with my insecurities.

After seeing where we were then and comparing to where we are now, we each have zero regrets. We love like it's our last day together and are constantly encouraging one another. We were best friends then and still are now. We learn new things daily about our marriage and how we can grow stronger and closer and we take each day one step at a time, focusing on God being the center of all our days.

Some friends and family ask us often how married life is. They ask how we are handling fighting and how we deal with stressful schedules. We're asked how have we built our life and deal with the everyday challenges. We always answer the same. Married life is great-- we have the best time together, we're the closest of friends and love each other so much. We look so forward to building more years like the ones we've already experienced together.

We're laughed at. People think we're crazy and lying. They think all marriages and relationship are struggling and dealing with challenges. We feel blessed we can confidently say we've stood strong only uplifting each other during our few years together. We stand firm saying we will always be each other's biggest supporter and we will only honor the vows we spoke to many witnesses 2 years ago.

Marriage is an eternal bond. It's not only when you feel like it or for playing house. It's to commit yourself to one being for all your days. To embrace them and their weaknesses with your whole heart. To spend your life loving another and building moments so precious you can look back on when your old and gray. And when that time comes that Andrew and I are old and gray [hopefully with a wrap around porch, some creaky rocking chairs and sweet tea (!!)] we will look back at all those moments and again stand firm knowing we put God first and our marriage bloomed beautifully by His grace. 


  1. I love this, and you obviously. I hope our marriage is just as strong and true as yours is. Oh and also, we need to talk about this honeymoon spot! xo

  2. Wow, that looks like so much fun! I would looovveee to go there one day! So beautiful.

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  3. Beautiful beach
    Beautiful you
    Beautiful post!!

  4. Love the pics, looks like a beautiful place and looks like you both had a wonderful time! Love your words about marriage,

  5. Love this post! Oh, if we could all go back in time and get to go on a honeymoon again!


  6. Stunning, happy and inspiring. Pretty much how I always feel about your posts!

  7. You're beautiful. Lets me you and Melissa go on a bloggermoon. Plan? Ok.

  8. You guys are adorable!

    Cute foot tat!



  9. You are so amazing, girl! I love your thoughts and words on marriage--- we feel the same way and are fully committed. It's sad how cynical some people can be about true love, and lasting relationships!

    PS- we honeymooned in Mexico too, and I dream almost daily about going back. We had SUCH a wonderful time there.

  10. I love the last photo of you and the hubs on the beach. Gorgeous!

    I loved reading about your views on marriage. I cannot wait to be married & share those same viewpoints. So ready!!!


  11. What a fabulous trip! You look so different w blonde hair!! I love your outlook on marriage.

  12. This is beautiful. You guys give me hope for a great future with me and my man.


  13. What an inspiring post! You look great now, but you were beautiful then, too. It's great your hubby has been so supportive. I feel like I am lucky in that area, too. Congrats on your healthy weight loss! I just adore your blog! xox

  14. LOVE how you both keep your love fresh! I can honestly feel the closeness between you two in your writing! Thanks for reminding us all to cherish the moments we spend with our hubs... they'll never come again as we are always making new moments!

    xo, Bev

  15. What a fun trip! I want to go to Mexico so bad and I've heard really good things about it!

    Your story is so touching...I love it!!