We spent our Sunday snoozing late, making a hot mess of a kitchen with pancake batter while enjoying the sweet aroma of french vanilla coffee and the loud noise of cartoons. We had our first time at church as the three of us and enjoyed the afternoon (well, maybe not the boys) taking family photos by my oh, so talented (unprofessional photographer) brother.

It sure warms my heart knowing we have some updated pictures from our engagement shoot and ones featuring Drake. They definitely speak how our little family is completely whole and full of love... and a little bit of crazy too.

It's been such a light seeing how the three of us have evolved into our roles within our household and within our relationship. Anything "motherly" related, Drake comes straight to me, whether it's a shower he needs, an appetite to suppress, a band aid or even a snuggle, he's right by me. Now bring on the legos, wrestling, video games and dad is the man that's his knight in shining armor. And I'm 100% in love with this little pattern.

Oh, it really is enjoying the small things. Don't ya think?

And yes, we have a Christmas picture out of this bunch, for sure.