As much as I don't want to admit it, when I go to a blog for the first time, if the design isn't gorgeous, I leave. I don't follow, I don't read content, I don't even browse the pages. Now when I come across a blog with a design that attracts me, I could be there for hours. I sometimes immediately follow the blog because I think it's so pretty.

Yes, that's shallow but it's true. I want to be honest with you cause I do know many girls in this blogging community who feel the same way. There are many out there who won't give a blog the time of day if their design isn't pleasing to the eye. Yes, your content could be great, heartfelt and meaningful. It could be words of wisdom and encouragement but who knows if your visitors don't stay to give you the opportunity to reveal yourself.

I have been lucky enough to learn a few things with design as I've started blogging and I've been so blessed to start my own little business. Many of the faces around here are new and I love seeing each and every one of you! I just want to take this little opportunity to let you all know, I do blog designing. I can help your blog in big ways or small. With a simple set of social media icons to a full design including a header, nav bar, about blurb and so on. I can build your brand and give your business a professional and cohesive look. I can build your readership and how far you reach.

I'm offering $10 off the design package of your choice. This is valid for any new design packages booked and will only be good until Wednesday, November 28TH at midnight. You can see my full portfolio here and please know I'm not limited to only blog designing. I make printables, holiday cards, name it. I can be your girl.

Many of the designs in my portfolio and I've worked on have a certain feel. I would say I design simple, classic designs but I'm always looking for a challenge. I'd love to try something different and I'd love to build the perfect place for you to escape.

Contact me to book your design today-- turn around time is always insanely quick!

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