I've been scrolling Pinterest as I normally do nightly and it occurred to me how much inspiration I collect from that resource. It's not the simple DIY things or the recipes but the photography and collection of pieces truly make me want to create. It gets my mind going with adapting different things around me in my life to be more uplifting and powerful. It encourages me to be surrounded in beauty and to find beauty in every situation. 

I've been contemplating taking my blog to a new level. I've wanted to build my own inspiration board for a design and have a set goal for 2013. Since I've had the resources of Pinterest and other blogs around me I think I've found where I want to go. I want to be a place people go to for inspiration. A place where the content is hearty and the words aren't just text. It's a story that brightens a day, a picture that makes someone smile. A tutorial that gives someone hope they might actually have a crafty bone somewhere in their body. And advice that I've only learned by living life to the fullest.

So you, being my faithful readers and friends over this journey, what do you want to see? What are things that spike your interest and keep you coming back for more? What tutorials get your mind excited and what life lessons do you need encouragement with? 

I'm excited for the next season for this baby blog. I'm even more excited to be sharing it with you.
Cheers, my friends. 2013 is promising big things in the blogging world.