This will literally be the EASIEST tutorial you'll ever find. There is for real, one legit step and that's about it. Now I had the stain on hand already, but if you don't the only materials you'll need is a large wooden letter (mine is from Hobby Lobby, $12.99), stain and a paint brush. Oh, and a metallic sharpie.

Easy right?

Let's begin!

Easy peasy, rght? I told ya! And it's definitely a fun little way to spice of the traditional guest book! I made this for my mom and dad's 30th anniversary party and people would not stop raving about how clever and special it was. 

I obviously chose the "S" for their last name so have fun with it! Maybe spell something out if you have a large party, gift the letter to your spouse with your vows written on it, ask your bridesmaids to be your gals writing a letter to each of them on the letter of their name. The possibilities are endless.

Happy crafting!