You've seen Casa Kinch here and you may notice the coffee table we had there matches our end tables as it was full set along with the couches and area rug we got for our wedding. Well, Drake has made it a thing of the norm to sit on the coffee table while watching TV after millions of times Andrew and I saying no. The table has been on it's last leg lately, literally, wobbling like crazy and cracking if you even put a cup on it, so it was time to upcycle an old pallet I had lying around and make something that's a little more cushy and more child proof.

I figured getting something that's more of an ottoman feel, it would be child proof for later years when we expand out family and it would let us bring in another pop of the green we have throughout our main living space. I chose to paint the legs of the ottoman white because I've been bringing in small touches to lighten up the space so all in all, I'm loving the new statement piece taking over our living room.

T H I S   I S   W H A T   Y O U ' L L   N E E D :

+ mine measured 40" x 48" and we had this from buying our laminate flooring so it was free

poly foam
hobby lobby $34.99 with 40% off coupon at $22.90
michael's $19.99 with 40% off coupon at $13.13
+ i used two inch poly foam making sure it measured an additional 4 inches on each side so when it's wrapped, there's a padding there as well. i didn't have enough from the pack i got at hobby lobby so i purchased a second 1" pack from michael's i doubled to match the height of the 2" foam

joann's $5.99/yd at $13.07
+ i purchased 2 yards of fabric measuring 45" in width; i recommend having at least 50" in width unless you want a battle with the padding

wooden legs
home depot $3.78 at $16.56 for four
+ make sure to purchase the 9" size | see frustrations below with other sizing

staple gun
+ i don't have a staple gun so i used nails but it would be much easier doing a staple gun!

home depot $2.48 at $9.92 for four
+ these are a must to screw the wooden legs into for stability

Simple as that! Okay, not really. Full disclosure, this project turned into a nightmare mainly because I had in my mind, everything would go smoothly and perfect and then I didn't measure and ended up going to Home Depot 6 times in two hours. SIX TIMES. Good, grief. You think a girl would learn after the second trip to measure but nope, I was all about wasting time on my Saturday. 

The first set of legs I purchased were 14" legs thinking it would be a good height for a foot rest but lawwwwd, it was taller than the previous coffee table. I then went back and got a set of 3" ones and those were too short. Then 4" and again, too short. And 6", but nope. See my dilemma? Finally on trip number 6, we ended with 9" legs that were perfection. Take it from me, get the 9" ones right off the bat or you'll be a frustrated little lady wandering through Home Depot over and over.

Also, the fabric I chose was one that only measured 45" across but it was a steal at $5.99/yd so I was convinced I could make it work. Well, it proved to be a pain in my toosh. I ended up standing on the inside of the pallet to push to padding down enough to build a small lip of fabric to secure. So again, take it from me and make sure you have at least 50" in width to play with.

Otherwise, this is a simple tutorial and you've now been able to learn from my mistakes!
Enjoy your new addition to your living space!