Pretty Pinning

March 14, 2013

There's something so serene and calming when you have pretty pinboards. I may sound obnoxious and picky but to me, pinterest provides so much inspiration and when I'm on there, I want to be inspired.

I organized my boards this past weekend one night and now my profile page scream "aubrey" and I can't stop staring. Blush, mint, gold, floral, it's all so gorgeous and elegant. I want people to come to my boards excited and leaving with ideas and photography that makes their heart smile.

I'll be honest, I want to print everything I see and post it all around my home office.
My own mood board right in my face as I work and create pretty things for you.

Don't you just love all things pretty and eye catching?

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  1. So many pretties! Following you on Pinterest now :)


  2. i definitely followed. (: i love pinterest!

  3. Seriously, so pretty, Aubrey! I actually reorganized my boards after I saw this. I love your organization posts, I am still working on color coding my email, haha :).


  4. Pinterest the love of my life right now haha.

    xo Meg

  5. ahhhh, I love this! How's you do it?! You know I'm a sucker for those colors! Hence your wonderful blog design ya did for me :)

  6. Wow I am super impressed!!

  7. love it! i feel like going and sprucing up mine now lol

  8. I love the new blog look!! Did I miss this last time??

    As for pinterest, I can't wait to check your boards out. I need to organize mine. Thanks for the reminder. Always so much to do, so little time!


  9. I seriously feel like I re-pin everything you post!

  10. I recently just started using pinterest, but I have to admit, I do enjoy pinning different things! :)