Spring Crushes

March 12, 2013

We've had some random weather lately in Arizona. Raining and in the 50's to 90's and sweating the next day. It has my mind craving spring more and more but unfortunately, that means the dreaded heat will soon follow. When I say dreaded heat, you only know what that feels like when you've conquered a 120 degree summer. Swimming pools are required in PHX to survive those 4 months of fire.

I've been bringing a little pastels into my daily routine to force spring upon me so today, I'm sharing my pastel nail polish color crushes.

1 + 2 + 3 + 4

Absolutely Shore- the perfect mint to brighten up your nails. I tend to wear this on my toes with a dark neutral on my fingers. I also layer this with three coats to pop the mint a bit more.

Butterfly Kisses- I just snagged this up last week and I put it on immediately. It's gorgeous and bold yet soft at the same time. I love the cross between pink and purple this brings.

Prima Ballerina- my go-to nude for everyday wear. If I'm not wearing a dark polish it's normally this you'll see me wearing. Again, I do three layers to bring out the color a bit more.

Megan- my first Zoya polish and it's a favorite purple. It's the perfect cross between purple and gray so it goes with so much stuff and it neutral enough to wear throughout the year.

What are your favorite spring pastels?


  1. Pretty! Love soft colors :)


  2. lovely. i have been looking for a soft baby blue. is the Essie + Absolutely Shore more blue or green? thanks for sharing.


  3. That Zoya polish is such a gorgeous shade!!

  4. Essie's Absolutely Shore is gorgeous!

  5. love the pink one! its super pretty! I will have to go check the new spring loreal polishes!

  6. For some reason I've never been big into pastels but I'm going to change that this year, starting with that pink! SO pretty!

  7. i love all the pastel colors for spring! i am currently rocking a mint green on my nails!



  8. Love these!!! Mint is becoming my color! I might mix in a little gold and a little peach or coral for the spring remix :)
    You have great picks for spring nails!!


  9. Love that loreal color! Perfect for spring!

  10. Great colors! I was torn between Prima Ballerina and Ballet Slippers... I picked the latter.. But I may end up going back for the former :)

  11. I love your choices for spring! :)