Working From Home

March 19, 2013

Apparently me working from home some days means I don't actually work. Friends and family seem to think I'm available all day everyday and my life is just a breeze, relaxing, getting a mani, watching TV, who knows? If only I could live a life of leisure but guess what? That's not what I'm doing.

I started working at the church at 30 hours weekly; this gave me time to get home before hubs, work out in the morning and some evening time to get design work done. Slowly but surely, designing has picked up and I've been barely afloat trying to keep up with the amount of clients storming my inbox. I was happy as a bird with a french fry! That meant it was time to prioritize designing more and cut back at the church. And that I did.

I'm now working 20-25 hours weekly at the church, four days a week. Those other 3 days of the week, I'm up at 8am working nonstop until 4 or 5pm on design. Yes, sometimes I'll still make time for the gym around lunch time. Sometimes I'll pop out to run a few errands. Sometimes I'll plan to meet for happy hour but mostly I'm working.

I made this decision with the support of my husband to be able to grow my brand and to get stable in a design business for when we choose to expand our family. I made this decision because when I'm at home in my office, I get a million times more work done than I do anywhere else. It's my happy place, my me time and something I love doing.

But I'm working.

Designing is the main form of my income. I make double doing that than I do at the church weekly. It's been a blessing to grow and evolved into something I never thought I'd be doing 2 years ago. But again, I'm working.

It's been frustrating getting calls or emails from people requesting to get a lunch in or an event that's "mandatory" in their minds. I respond with the truth of me working 7 days a week. Most of the time, they think I'm full of shit. But I'm not. I'm working.

Get it yet?
Design is my job.
Design is my passion.
Design is part of my daily routine.
End of story.

Don't ask me to hang out and get all sassy when I say I can't because I'm trying to build a safe and stable lifestyle for my family.



  1. Love this! Girl you are great at design and those that don't see how much time it takes up in ones day then they are blind! Keep doing what you're doing.

  2. Even my other SAHM friends I don't assume they'll be free whenever. That's silly that they think you're not doing stuff, especially since you're WORKING.

  3. And you are great at it! I chose to work with you and you were a true professional. I hope people in your life begin to understand that. The time and effort you put in to each individual design is so easy to see! Perhaps they need to peruse your design site and see all of the wonderful work you've done. Keep it up!

  4. Get it girl. I love your designs. You definitely have a brand that is fresh and unique (oh, and super duper cute).
    And way to support your familia.
    You rock.
    Keep blogging.

    Much love,

  5. I am so inspired by you!!! I can already tell how hard you work, and I think its SO great you get to work doing something you love in your super cute office. This is so great for you, and its okay to have boundaries with people who care about you, want to see you, but dont understand the amount of time and work it takes to hold down an office job, as well as an inhome business!

  6. WELL said. No sugar coating. No hiding. Plain black and white desrciption of why you're giving out NO's to invitations!!

    Family and friends are the ones that give us the hardest time about giving a no and not really HEARING you out, but in the end, it's because they love us and they want us all to themselves in the most selfish loving way!

    Keep putting your foot down, and know that the only one that truely sees what you're doing day in and day out is our Heavenly Father. You sacrifice now in spending QT with everyone so you can build your empire and have what you truely want in the end.... YOUR FAMILY!

  7. It's great that you have that mindset. A lot of people that work from home would end up going off to lunches, etc. because they don't have the kind of discipline that you do. Good for you!

  8. You GO girl! Your work's amazing. Don't they know that? I do :) Direct them to your portfolio!

  9. Get it Girl! I feel your pain --- sometimes when I work from home people offer to come over, go get lunch. etc.. Some people just don't understand ;).

  10. Literally I am OBSESSED with this post because, while I obviously never designed (haha!), I did work from home until I got my current job. People were constantly asking me to meet them for lunch, go to the pool, run to the mall, etc. Some were legitimate requests, like from my grandma, but otherwise it was just like I was sitting at home bored. SO FALSE! I usually worked overtime too, but because I was at home I "wasn't working."

    You do great WORK! <3

  11. I sometimes have the same problem because a big portion of my work is done from home... people think I don't work at all!

  12. My husband works from home full time (when he isn't traveling) and I used to get annoyed when I asked him to do a chore and it wasn't done... literally he works from 7a-6p! I would not be productive if I workd from home lol!!

  13. Great words! You are so talented!

  14. I totally get it! I'm not doing design full time, but I do have a day job, and that means I'm designing all night and weekends. Working from home is so tough! I wish I had an office somewhere.

  15. Girrrrl geeet it! I am so, so proud of you for writing this post and for standing up for your business! If anything I am proud to do business with you because you are always so in tune with what I want, and you're so FAST! I mean, really. I think when you expand your family you'll already have a great sense of what it takes to do life, be a mom (step-mom too :)), a wife, and a blog designer/small business owner. Don't take any crap from anyone!

    Have a great day sweets!


  16. Love this!! I just started working from home too and it is true, friends and family think you are available at anytime! My decision to work from home did decrease my income but I am able to do what I love and couldn't be happier!!! Now all I gotta do is get my office done:)