In just one short week we're headed to the great state of California to witness our sweet friends commit to each other in holy matrimony. I can't wait to have a short little weekend away close to the beach and in the comfort of love and great friends. I've started my mental packing checklist and have the same things popping into my mind over and over. I had to take a moment to collect those thoughts and throw them here for any of you lovelies traveling in the near future.

Okay, it's obvious this is my personal check list and not the hubs. He is the easiest when it comes to packing and since I do it all and tend to forget my things versus his, it just means I need to get it out so I don't forget any of these fabulous things. One thing I can't wait for is throwing on a pair of gladiators, gloss and roaming the beach with my coffee in hand. I know we will be busy bees helping out being in the wedding but a girl can still have a few moments for herself to refresh, yes?

I think so.

Happy traveling, bunnies!