May 14, 2013

Florals // What girl doesn't love fresh floral around? They instantly brighten the room and give such a refreshing vibe. I am loving all things white these days so I tend to gravitate towards a big bouquet of white hydrangea. I have been mixing it up with a few spring mixes to involve around the rest of the house too! Special note: splurge from time to time on a few roses, fill your tub with hot, lavender scented water with bubbles and add your rose petals.. (perfect for a date night!)

Cards // Blank cards, thank you cards, special name it, I love it. The gold foil trend has me yearning to order something custom with my initial just to have on display in my office. Although, I could easily make something like Kate did here to fix that want.

Sharpie Pens // They are the best thing to write with. End of story.

Cupcakes & Cashmere // This book is inspired by this blog and it's something I loved getting my hands on. Emily writes about the simplest things that build a lifestyle and she celebrates the little things that keep it exciting and refreshing. I take a few moments each day to read a bit more and it's something I just enjoy scanning through because the images are beyond inspiring. I highly recommend this for any lady in your life as a simple gift; we can all benefit from learning a few new cocktail recipes and how to decorate appropriately for the holidays.

Candles // Whether you splurge on candles or simply snag some from Target as I do, they set the mood and aroma for a successful work day. The first thing I do in the morning before even brewing some coffee is grab my favorite Pink Magnolia candle to burn. It gets me excited to buckle down and work for a few hours while it's scent mesmerizes me.

What are some of your favorites to have in your office?
see my office, here.


  1. I love those Sharpie pens!

  2. I'm obsessed with sharpie pens!!!!


  3. I love that stationary, so cute!

  4. Fresh flowers are the way to brighten any space.

  5. I love those note cards!

  6. LOVE ALL OF IT! Can't wait to decorate my own space soon :)


  7. Looks like the way I want my desk to look, just need some flowers :) That book is amazing, she is such an inspiration! Love you style too, you have inspired me more than you think

  8. Emily is amazing! love your desk selection .

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  9. My favorite part about working with florists so often is that I almost always have pretty flowers for my desk! They really do brighten a room :) And I absolutely love those thank you cards! But they're pink + gold, so that's no surprise ;) xoxo