To be completely truthful, I have to say I'm one of the lucky married ladies. I know so many people who struggle and fight to keep their marriage lively and I'm blessed to say, I'm not one of them. Andrew and I have build our marriage on a foundation of Christ and we've always put Him first in our home. We then have added the fun elements and love and we've ended up with a pretty great recipe for happiness. I'd say over the few years we've been married this past one has been the most trying and I only say this because of Drake growing up and we've been trying to get more time with him which in turn, really has nothing to do with our marriage but just life in general being a little overwhelming. Either way, I feel like we have a few things we do daily that help keep our marriage growing and I'd like to share them with you!

1 | Little Notes: This can't be more simple. When you take a small moment to write a note to your honey, it leaves an impact. Andrew and I have taken a picture frame and placed it in our bathroom to write notes on with a white board marker. It's a simple note saying "I had a great time last night!" or even something to the point like "you make me belly laugh & I like it". It could really be anything but ultimately, it will make your boo smile.

2 | Communicate: Ladies, are you listening? This is crucial. Men see things at face value. I know me, being me, like to hint at things or throw little clues out to my husband to figure out and he just doesn't. Learn from me and just be blunt and tell him how you really feel. It helps him learn your desires simply without drama and hurt feelings. It gives you both the opportunity to talk it out and to communicate without leaving a situation unresolved. I've had one too many times I end a conversation in utter frustration because he doesn't see what I'm trying to say and that's no bueno, friends. Plain and simple, speak in less words and to the point.

3 | Check Them Out: I'll be honest, I think my husband is one sexy MoFo. I have my ways of checking him out in a very subtle way but I also like to make it apparent so he knows how much I enjoy him and all of him. A simple comment goes a long way for those men, so tell them how much you enjoy their hottness!

4 | Flirt: You started your relationship flirty so you better keep it that way. What's more fun than being all giddy because your man makes you nervous still? Those butterflies are something I never want to lose so I make the intention to flirt and to date my hubs all the time. It's keep things spontaneous and uplifting; it's exciting too!

5 | Use Your Manners: Maybe it's just me but the more I see people the more I'm disappointed in their manners and sense of entitlement. What happened to please and thank you for the simplest of gestures? Why is it uncommon to use manners these days? Hubs and I both were raised strict on manners and we both are great at making sure the other knows their small gestures are received with so much appreciation. I can't stress saying please and thank you enough!

Again, I am blessed by my man. We were raised the same and watched each of our parents fall in love all over again every day and we both knew early on we wanted that. When we found each other and knew it would be a lifetime sharing those moments, it made it easy having the same background and foundation. He and I both can only encourage to always be your spouses best friend and don't take the times you have together for granted. I hope these little insights can bring some ideas to your home to keep your marriage continually blossoming!