Talk about some tan legs, huh? I love what Mexico does for you when you spend hours in the sun! This skirt though, I love it. I want to wear it everyday and it's now a favorite of mine with blazers. Who knew?! Also, that cute little wrist band that resorts make you wear while your's obnoxious and I have a tan line on my arm there now. Talk about annoying.

Moving on though, I have this body that's not so great to dress with things falling right at the waist because my ass is so large it makes me look like a pear shape and I dislike that. I was so pleased upon getting this skirt because it's something that miraculously makes my worries diminish. And that, I like.

skirt | Taylor & Stylist
top (option) | Nordstrom
shoes | Windsor
watch | Fossil
bracelet | Etsy