June 23, 2013

Well we're back in the states and still getting into the swing of things. We spent our last week in Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) Mexico enjoying family, friends and some great alcoholic beverages. I also stuffed my face with some amazing Mexican breakfast and enjoyed endless hours getting my tan on. It was bliss at it's finest and we are so blessed by my families generosity with this much needed vacation.

We stayed at Sonoran Sky which is one of the many resorts they have; we normally go down in the trailer for 3-4 days but this time we opted for something more luxurious as we spent 7 days there. All in all, the place was beautiful and we really enjoyed our stay although, it was a little irritating sharing the quiet pool with about 30 kids everyday. In a perfect world, the pool would've been more relaxing being adults only but honestly, with enough alcohol in me, it didn't matter!

Places to visit in Rocky Point, Mexico:
La Curva | restaurant
The Reef | bar//restaurant
Lucky's Cantina | bar//restaurant
Mary's | bar//restaurant
Fish Market | shopping
Max's | restaurant (best Bloody Mary's!)
Rodeo Drive | shopping

Have particular questions?
Find me socially & ask away!

As I'm still settling into my office and work routine again, I'll be slow to getting back to emails if you've contacted me during our time away. I promise, you will get a response but please give me some grace as it might take a bit! :)


  1. Welcome back! It's good to have you back!

  2. Looks beautiful and great pictures! Welcome back :)

  3. Aw welcome home friend, I lived vicariously through you and instagram! It looks like y'all had a blast!


  4. Aww it looks so gorgeous, and it sounds like you had a lovely relaxing time.

  5. Welcome home Aubrey! Miss all your pretty posts! However, it looks like you had a great time, all your pictures are beautiful! :)

  6. Welcome back- hope you had a lovely trip! sure looks like it! :) pretty pictures!

  7. I'll have to remember this. Being a Tucson resident I think I am one of the only few that hasn't been to Rocky Point yet!

  8. these pictures are stunning! what in the world do you shoot with?!
    im not even surprised. you have talent all around.
    glad you had a good time darling!!

  9. These are such gorgeous shots , glad to hear you had an amazing time xo

  10. Looks like a wonderful trip! We're getting ready to go on a much-needed vacation next week as well, can't wait!

  11. Ah, yall are SOOO cute!! Seriously. Gorgeous pictures!

  12. That picture of you (at least I think its you) in the white floppy hat reading is perfection! Looks like a great trip!

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  14. Your trip looks like it was incredible! SO AWESOME!

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