Casa Kinch: Home Tour!

July 24, 2013

It's been some time since I've shared Casa Kinch with you on the blog so I thought it was time to get a little home tour going again. I've done a simple home tour through pictures before, here and that was before we've made a few updates but it's easier for me just walking your through the house versus a million pictures so let's walk, yes?
Our humble little space is perfect for us. We don't have gorgeous expensive furniture or a million things children can break. We've adapted our home and lifestyle to Drake and having a big dog and we've always wanted it to be welcoming to all types of friends and family so comfort and functionality is key! Most of our items are from IKEA and Target and most knick knack items are Marshall's or Home Goods. Again, inexpensive can be trendy so it's all about finding those pieces you love that will add a touch of personality and something you can see yourself reusing many years to come.

O T H E R   H O M E   P O S T S :
DIY Ottoman
Home Tour No. 1
Office Reveal


  1. SHUT Up!
    A. Love the video
    B. Love all of it! Andrews "man room" cracks me up!! Farm house sinks have my heart!! Really the greys (real and with some white) are AWESOME
    C. I NEED A HOUSE. Well and a husband to help me buy the house but ya know. Whateves

  2. I love your house. I love the color accents too. Someday when I own a house, I'd love to do gray/neutrals with pops of color!

  3. I will say it again, I LOVE that ottoman and have your tutorial saved for someday when I finally make one! Your sink.... yep I want one! I hate our sink, it is one of those cheapy stainless steel one. Drakes room is so cute! I love how the K in his name is a different color!

  4. Chalkboard wall, YES PLEASE!!!!


  5. Love the video idea as opposed to a bagillion snapshots! Your home is beautiful, I love all of the little pops of color against the neutral backgrounds.

  6. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your home! It definitely feels welcoming and the video tour was amazing! Thanks so much for allowing all of us in :).

    The neutrals and grays are gorgeous with all of your personal touches. So awesome!

  7. your office is beautiful! I love your home :)


  8. Love the video! Absolutely beautiful home! And I love that I had a glimpse of my spot on the famous chalkboard wall! Whoo Hoo! haha ;)

  9. Love your office! It is inspiring me to do something fun with my new office! I noticed you have one of the mini Kuerig's.. how do you like it? I was looking at purchasing one but have only ever used the big one. I like the small ones because they are such fun colors!

  10. So fun, thanks for the tour! Absolutely love your office space and that chalkboard wall. Also, your bedroom is so pretty... loving all the colors in there.

  11. Love the house! I've been looking for a good gray to start painting our apartment with, I like the one in your office. Thanks so much for sharing!!


  12. I am in love with your home! It's so homely, and wins my heart over with those gorgeous greys and neutrals, there's nothing better than a pretty canvas you can update with different accents as you please! Oh and that chalkboard wall? YES PLEASE ♡

  13. I LOVE it!
    ..and I love the hardwoods!! Can I ask how you clean them?
    We have hardwoods all throughout the house and they are a pain to
    keep clean w/ 3 kiddos and a husband!! I feel like I am constantly having
    to wash them to keep them looking good..

  14. I love how crisp yet warm your home is!

  15. Your home is perfect! I felt like it was completely decorated!!! How long have you and the hubby lived there?

  16. Ughhhhh your office is to.die.for. But you already know that! I want!

  17. um hi can i move in?! you can live in the bathroom like you want, and i'll take the rest ;)
    seriously tho, LOVE YOUR PLACE!


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