The weather in PHX lately has been seriously gorgeous. It's rained 3 times this last week and our normal 115 degree days have been the cool 90's so it goes without saying I've been soaking it all up!

After getting my hands on a darling tutu styled dress I wanted to play with it in ways I could pair it for fall and in a simple, more casual way for work. Enter, my perfect basic tees from Pickwick & Weller. You met them first here, and saw a few styles I was loving then so today I'm wearing the Hanna in Charcoal. I have it in a longer style because they have a variety of lengths to choose from (!!) so it was perfect for tying up with the oh, so trendy tulle skirt for a great fall look. Add a hint of olive and some pointed toe pumps and I was in my happy place.

Another great option for the Hanna tee (seen above) is throw on an over-sized cardigan, skinny jeans and a great fall boot and you'll look chic and polished but not like you're trying too hard. I'll be honest, that's most likely going to be my signature look this coming season. What about you? What fall trends are you dying for?

You can start shopping with Pickwick & Weller, here and they will even walk you through a little style quiz to make sure they find the perfect basic tee to polish off your wardrobe. I have to say, they have it all right with their priorities. Size, cut, fabrics and wash... you can't go wrong shopping them for your perfect tee. Here is a little more insight to the company and don't forget to stay connected with Pickwick & Weller via social media using hashtags:


Have a fabulous Monday, friends!