Ever have those mornings you wake up and all is good and well, you make your coffee, spill it but a deep breath later and it's okay again. Moving on to showering and getting your makeup done and then your brand new case of mineral makeup crashes to the floor spilling everywhere? Nothing an additional deep breath can't fix. But then you try unplugging your curling iron it falls off the bathroom counter to burn your foot....? By this time the only logical thing going through my mind was to throw my curling iron across the bathroom and scream in frustration. I mean, really?!

The last 2 days I've been quarantined in my home, sick as a dog with some crazy stomach flu so when I felt better this morning, I was freaking excited to get my ass out of bed and slather my face in makeup to embrace a day without dry heaving and sore abs. And then my series of unfortunate events take place and I'm fuming walking out the door.

Whyyyy me? Why today? Blah blah blah.... I was also pretty excited to deem my new boyf jeans and by the time I got to work this morning, I realized I got one size too big. Or the 8 pounds I've lost in the last 2 weeks has something to do with my pants being at my ankles. I don't know but I'm still a little irritated from all the nonsense today has punched me with so let's just go back to bed and start this day again, yes?

pants | Target
top | H&M
shoes | Victoria Allard (poshmark)
clutch | Marshall's
watch | Fossil
link bracelet | Etsy