Arizona and rain boots really don't mix. I mean, yes, we have monsoon season but what, that's like 1 month out of the year and it's during the summer so it's still balls hot while pouring out....? To me, that's no fun but I like to turn the AC down real low in the house and bundle up anyway just to pretend like it's actually a normal rainy day. Is that weird or am I totally sane doing this? 

I know everyone and their moms are on the Hunter boots craze as of late and I wasn't really feeling the plain and simple aesthetics of them. I snagged a cuter pair of rain boots (in my opinion) from Joules and have to say, these babies will totally pass up those plain Hunters any day! Don't you agree? I'm pretty basic with my wardrobe any way so I thought these sassy ladies would throw a little punch to my normal black and neutral outfits and I am fully going to pull these out of the closet even when it isn't raining!

boots | Joules (here is their stash of rain boots!)
jeans | Mother Jeans
top | Forever 21
scarf | Target
watch | Fossil