I have struggled and struggled with acne all my life to the point of it being so bad in middle school, I was on acutane. I did clear up well after those 6 months of medication but it's recently been flaring up up again and it's become an embarrassment of mine. I'm no stranger to the dermatologist but after going mid summer and nothing actually working, I thought it was time to spend the money and try a full line of acne based skin care. 

I landed on Philosophy | Clear Days Ahead and started with the travel size kit. I didn't want to invest $150 on product I wasn't sure would work. It's been about a week now and it's night and day difference. For full disclosure, I started this the day I started my period so my face was broken out beyond belief. It cleared it up in 12 hours. Twelve. Like there isn't a blemish in sight. I fully understand and know when starting a new product your face isn't used to, it can react and clear much quicker but in the long run not really be effective. That being said, we will see how the next 3 weeks go on this line but currently, I'm smitten.

Funny enough, I will be spending less on this line in the full sizes than I would've been with dermatologist fees, prescription finances and additional facials and microderm packages at my derm. So all in all, it's probably smart I'm making this move for my adult skin and my wallet will be thanking me!

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