Okay, I'm seriously dying over these gorgeous gold dot decals from Urban Walls. I've been eyeing them for probably 6 months thinking how cute they would look in my home office but I never could bite the bullet. I felt it might be too cluttered or girly and I'd get sick of them fast....guess what? That's totally not the case. I will be honest and tell you when I applied them, I sat in my office pinning for a good 5 hours because I just didn't want to leave. Like ever.... I even came in to work late at the church today so I could do emails from my home office enjoying these super chic decals. They're simply everything.

I waited a few days when I got them to actually install because I wanted to make sure the placement was perfect and I wasn't just being impulsive and throwing them up right away and to my surprise, the installation was so simple and quick! I intended taking the latter half of my day working on this wall and it took me 15 minutes to get them all up. Urban Walls sends you an instruction sheet also which helped the process go much smoother. Hello perfect customer service! The pack comes with 50 dots and that was the perfect amount for the one wall I did too. I'd say splurge on quantity if you're wanting more than one wall covered.

I have to say I now have my eyes on this decal for Drake's bedroom and this for our kitchen so who knows, maybe you'll see them around our house in the future! Don't you just love how it turned out? My office was already my favorite room in the house but this really seals the deal.

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