Sequins + Booties

October 17, 2013

Today is another installment with Becky from Cella Jane with our monthly collaboration! We decided to go with booties this time around. Take a look over at Becky's blog, here, to see how she styled hers.

This skirt was one I had been debating buying for a good 6 months because I just didn't know if I wanted a darker tone or my usual creams and golds. On a whim, my girlfriend told me this was the one and I bought it and I don't think I've ever been more in love with a purchase. Same goes for these booties. I have tree stump legs so I always steered away from any kind of bootie and after this purchase, I wore them 5 days straight and 3 more times since then. Obviously, it's safe to say, they were worth it!

skirt | Tobi
top | Victoria's Secret
blazer | H&M
booties | Target
bag | Philip Lim x Target
tights | Target
watch | Fossil
earrings | Kate Spade


  1. Love everything about this outfit. You look fab.

  2. Obsessed with everything. You're adorable, staaaaaahp it!

    xo fal •

  3. Freaking love. What a fab combo.

  4. So cute! You look adorable!

  5. Love this outfit. I'd never try to pull it off but it looks awesome on you :)

  6. Stop it with the cuteness, you look amazing! I just bought those boots the other day, aren't they great? Loving the hair as well:)

  7. I think I need those booties!!!!

  8. OMG Aubrey - that skirt!! So glad you went for it and made that purchase - love it so much!
    This whole outfit is perfection!

  9. Love that skirt -definitely a great choice! I've been wanting a sequin skirt - I just can't convince my self to go through with it.

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  10. You always look so cute! Glad you bought that skirt it's a great find!

  11. Your outfits are always adorable. I think I need your closet. :)

  12. you are like unbelievably gorgeous (as if me starring at you allll night last night wasn't a dead giveaway). LOVE this outfit....and since we are neighbors, I think I might steal it.


  13. I think it is adorable that you can laugh at yourself :) makes you even more lovable!!
    And obvi this outfit is amazing... <3