I feel like this goes without saying but the necklace? It's everything. Last night we had some friends over and I showered quickly after work, threw on this ensemble and added a dash of glitz with this necklace not thinking much of it but literally had 6 compliments just at Trader Joes. Even Drake said it was the best one I have; that has to say something when you're 8 year old boy notices! I'm sure you have seen variations of it around the webs but have you ever for the obnoxiously low cost of $18? Didn't think so. I also don't think I need to say much more than buy it.... now.... because ladies, you will not regret it!

necklace | Shop Bangled (IG | @shopbangled, FB | here)
top | Forever 21 (similar)
flats | Steve Madden (similar)
watch | Fossil