Hello, my gorgeous bunnies! It's been quite some time since I've been around these parts and I'm feeling refreshed, regrouped and ready to embrace a new year boldly with the blog! There is something I'm dying to share but it'll have to wait one more week but let's just say, it's big. Just to touch on the migraines, I'm doing okay currently as I've been put back on a Percocet so it's treating the pain as needed but we can chat more about that later because it's quite a bore.

I've had many questions on how I achieve my soft, loose curls with my extensions on instagram so I wanted to share a little tutorial here. It's the same process as my everyday curls on my natural hair but with a larger iron and a little TLC at the end to finish them right. I'll list below the products I'm using so you can snag them also!

P R O D U C T   U S E D:
extensions (I'm wearing these but I've dyed them ombre)
*these are sulfate free to give my extensions the best wear and upkeep!
moroccan oil