It's been quite a rough couple weeks and I thought it's about time to share it here. If you've followed the blog for a while, you know I suffer with chronic migraines and have for about 11 years. It's something I learned to just deal with and move about life pretending like I'm not in pain and I've been okay for the most part because I've been on a daily medication for about 10 years preventing them. I still have the normal migraine about once a week but that's manageable from when I used to have them for a couple months straight.

A couple weeks ago I decided it was time to stop all medications having to do with migraines. I've been wanting to take this step for a couple years but was completely scared by the outcome and how I'd be extremely vulnerable to struggling while my body adjusted to nothing. Well I've been proven right because it's been one constant migraine along with the most severe side effects with vomiting, dizzy spells, lack of sleep, shaking and being completely out of it at times. I feel like I'm not very present in life going about my business because it's a fog of pain but we're managing... trucking through as best I can.

Why am I denying medication? It's become something I'm immune to and even the strongest pain killers aren't making a dent. Breaking it down, I was on a daily preventative, two onset pills, nausea medicine, vicodin and the occasional percocet. You can only imagine when my body is subjected to this extreme at least once a week, it would be in shock cutting it out, ha! Altogether, I want to find a place where I can manage this without being completely zonked on meds or miserable without them. I'm trying to find a good balance as well as natural remedies to help for this time being.

As this year closes, I find myself becoming busier as we all do during this season but I have to force myself to say no to those additional projects right now because I just can't function. With the exception of two nights, my average sleep schedule is about 4 hours a night because I'm up vomiting so frequently and it really doesn't help that both of my jobs are with me planted in front of a computer all day. The joys of social media!

All in all, I'm trying to keep up blogging as time and wellness permits but I so appreciate your grace if there are larger leaves of absence on the blog! As always, you babes have my heart and I can't thank you enough for your support!