I can't even tell you how many times I have people commenting on instagram asking how I edit my images and what filters I use...etc. I have posted about this on the blog a few times now (here & here) but I wanted to share a simple video tutorial so you can see if first hand. It's literally so simple and I use one app in this tutorial but this is what I do every time I post to instagram!

T I P S   &   T R I C K S
Lighting // Natural lighting is your best friend. I like to stand next to an open window with a good source of light filtering it so when I take my picture, the quality isn't grainy from being so dark. I also almost always use a white background so the object I'm taking a picture of really stands out. If that means you simply buy a white poster board at the store, do so! It brings a nice clean and crisp element to your feed then.

Stability // Make sure when taking your photos you aren't shaky or moving too much because you'll end up with an image that's a hot mess of blur. To best succeed in a stable image, tap your screen so the camera focuses before taking the picture.

Adjusting // When you're taking a picture on your iPhone, you can easily make it lighter by tapping the screen of your image. When you're about to take the picture, tap the darkest area of the image and the camera will automatically brighten on the screen giving you a better quality image after it's taken.

Cropping // Nothing is worse on a picture than an ugly background. That room of yours with clothes thrown everywhere? Not so cute. If you don't have the ability to snap something outside or in an area with a neutral background, play with cropping it as needed to disguise anything that's sore on the eyes.

Flash // If at all possible, do not use your flash. If it's at night in a bar, it's a hot mess of fog and it's not a good image you'll want to use. I recommend always snapping under a street light or even where it's dim and then edit the exposure so you can see what the image is better. Again, natural lighting is your best friend.