You know it's been a while since you've blogged when your dad calls you out on not posting... ha, thanks daddy! I have no intentions of leaving this blog behind but after getting knee deep in client work with the design business, it's taken a back burner and rightfully so as it's a simple outlet. I've been learning my time with family is more important so when I have a moment I'm not balancing and creating for clients, I'm spending time with my husband and step babe. 

It's a busy season in growing with design and it's something I'm so grateful for! It's also something testing how long I can go without a melt down (ha!) and how much work I can cram into a day. It's shown me what exhaustion means and what it's like to be fully burnt out but still not being able to sleep because your mind is with your clients and building boards in your head at 1am versus healthy! ;)

I'm not going anywhere but I am enjoying the time catching up on design work while I spend the new spring days with Drake and Andrew and family as they've been in and out of town and enjoying wedding planning with my brother & to-be sister! I'll be back... sooner than later!