Nursery Inspiration

May 28, 2014

Emery Nursery Inspo

I have to be honest and say when we found out we were pregnant my mind immediately went to decorating a nursery for a boy so when it was confirmed a little lady was joining our family, I had to regroup a little bit and pull together some thoughts on how I wanted to decor for a sweet princess. We all know I have an obsession with gold and blush so I knew pretty quickly I'd be continuing that love with a room that had those touched throughout. Luckily, I have a lot of items that I can use for Emery's room from my office so I shouldn't have to get a whole lot with the exception of the main furniture. My main purchases will be throw pillows, bedding, a rug and some prints to fill her gallery wall (loving this & this) but otherwise, we are golden... pun intended. ;)

As items arrive, I just get more and more excited that our baby girl will be sleeping in that room and how all our hard work is being spent creating a little oasis for her. I might just be a touch emotional today because I felt her moving for the first time last night but who knows?! I did end up getting a custom gold polka dot boppy cover and blanket for her from this Etsy shop so all around, she will be one sparkling babe!



  1. I love the whites!! A baby's room should be calming and relaxing... looks like you've got it down!

  2. Can I admit that when I found out you were expecting seeing what you did with the nursery was one of the things I was most excited for?

  3. How do you create collages like this with different items?! Love the nursery inspiration..gorgeous.

  4. Absolutely love it! Especially the gold pouf. Can't wait to see the finished product.