Nursery Update

June 18, 2014

taken at 20 weeks

We are headed to the doctor here in a few short hours for a monthly checkup on baby lady and I'm all flutters and such to hear how she's cooking. We are having some obnoxious issues with a bill the doctor claimed to have covered so I do get all antsy and anxious now going into my doctor's office but I'm trying to stay calm and collected for baby's sake. I'm hoping having Andrew with me today will lay down the law and they'll step up and understand that bill was their fault and is their responsibility to pay. Anyone else deal with this when doing a lot of testing? Basically, they suggested certain tests that weren't necessary, we stated if they were fully covered by insurance, we'd be happy to do them. They claimed to have called and verified with our insurance it was fully covered so they sent me for blood work. I did that and a month later received a bill for $410 stating we owe it for that blood work as it wasn't fully covered. I then contacted our insurance, asked why they told my doctor it was covered and they said "they never called us to verify, it's not covered.... this is your doctor's responsibility to pay if you are disputing and appealing the charges".... oh, hell yeah I am! So now we're going on 2 months of fighting it with my doctor and them refusing to pay for their mistake. Take about deception. I'm at the point of wanting to change my doctor but being more than half way through my pregnancy, that seems a little abrupt.

Anyway.... I posted this pic on instagram last week of the nursery coming along and wanted to share these steals for you here to shop since I had a lot of questions on it! The crib sheet it much to dark for my liking so I'm ordering this one but in the meantime, it will stay and be used down the line as an extra. As for the pillows and rug, they were found at Marshall's and IKEA so I'm sharing options below.



  1. I can't wait to see it all finished! One of my best friends is being induced tonight and she's having a little girl, I can't wait to meet her :)

    26 and Not Counting

  2. That's such a frustrating situation. Sorry that you have to deal with that! If you don't trust your doctor though, I recommend switching. I know that I've never been pregnant so surely there's more to factor in, but I can't imagine journeying through the most incredible, exciting, and scary process with someone who I didn't trust. That would add a lot of anxiety, I'm sure!

  3. I cannot wait to see the whole thing!! I'm so happy that you get to make everything so beautiful and girly! You are so cute!

    xoxo Allison over Allison's Eye

  4. Aw! Can't wait to see it all together. Love the gold polka dots. And how frustrating is that with your doctor? I'm with you though, I would want to change doctors. I hope you get it all worked out!

  5. When my doctor suggested I take the cystic fibrous test she didn't tell me what my odds were of the baby having it (>5%) since I don't carry the gene for it. Well of course I wanted to make sure my baby was okay, I mean, does anyone ever say no to those sort of things? Well color me shocked when the bill arrived for $800!! Yeah not one drop of that blood test was covered. Good news no CF, bad $800!
    I would absolutely switch doctor's if you are feeling apprehensive towards yours! Mama bear instinct already kicking in!

  6. That is rediculous! You'd like to think we can trust our doctors when they tell us not to worry, but then something like that happens and you lose all trust! I'm sorry you are going though that! Baby girl's nursery looks so cute though! Can't wait for the final reveal!! :)

  7. How frustrating! I hate to be the bearer of bad news.... but I believe your insurance company is wrong, here (I've worked on both sides of this business in the medical field). The corporate world of insurance can be extremely frustrating (it is a game to them, and they nickel and dime you) for all parties - seriously. Ultimately, when you consent to have a procedure (verbally or written), the bill is your responsibility to pay. Which is why almost all medical forms have a clause that states this - insurance is only an estimate... even with a pre-authorization (which many people don't realize) insurance payment/coverage is never guaranteed. With that said, I would suggest seeing if your doctor's office might compromise with you... a "nice" billing department or doctor's office might write off some of the bill or split the cost with you. If you aren't able to get things worked out, I would switch as well! You don't need undue stress while pregnant and on the whole, you need to be able to trust your Doctor's office completely (and all departments) so you aren't worried about every little visit and having more billing issues.
    In other (good news) that bedding is adorable! Looks like baby Kinch's nursery is coming together nicely! Hang in there! xoxox

  8. I agree with Laura. I found out 3 weeks before I was being induced that my OB was having his license revoked for fraudulent practices. I had no choice to switch, but if it were me, I'd change. Pregnancy is supposed to be a time for joy and happiness, not feeling anxious every time you have to see the people who are supposed to have your best interests in mind. #IMHO ;-)

  9. Your bump is ADORABLE! The nursery will be perfect! :)

    Don't let those doctors get the best of you. Stand your ground.

  10. It's going to be gorgeous! And I love this pic!

  11. my husband would SHOOT me if i ever spent that much on a pillow for baby to pee spit and poop on. but my oh my they sure are darling!
    i am already so jealous of her nursery!
    and i would totally switch doctors!!


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