Week End

June 13, 2014

We made it to Friday and I have such excitement for this weekend because it's going to be filled with catching up on sleep! I've been starting to get a lot of pain in my stomach and uterus and I've come to the conclusion after much research that it's the beginnings of Braxton Hicks. I've read it's totally normally as long as the contractions aren't more than twice an hour and it's about every hour I have a breathtaking pain that stops me. But this all started Wednesday night leaving me with little sleep worrying about what was happening and same on Thursday night. This body is changing... I tell ya! And stretch marks have officially appeared. I've been using Burt's Bees Mama Belly Butter and traditional Coconut Oil but I think it was bound to happen knowing my mom got them too. Boo!


+ The word major has revisited my vocabulary. Maybe in part to following Rachel Zoe via social media and her undying love for maj but I just love it currently.

+ Spots. I am seeing spots everywhere and finally got my hands on this baby! Can't wait for it to be here next week.

+ I reloaded my Starbucks card giving me incentive to leave the house more and opting for coffee out which is always a nice change. My favorite order lately is a decaf white mocha with a pump of caramel. So delightful, friends- you should try it this weekend!

+ Not so fabulous, I lost basically all my bobby pins. How does that even happen?

Hope you all have a fun and safe weekend!


  1. I keep all of my bobby pins in a little shot glass on a table in my bedroom. Every night I free my hair and unload them there. Before, I would just ditch them anywhere and everywhere and could never find one in a pinch!

    26 and Not Counting

  2. Love that clutch! And I'm all about the decaf mochas recently too! So yummy!

  3. Happy Friday!! I always loose all my bobby pins, story of my life. Starbucks is my weakness forever and always. I hope you have a relaxing weekend!

    xoxo Allison over at Allison's Eye

  4. Every time I step into a hair supply store I buy packs of bobby pins. You can never have too many. Have you tried an iced passion tea with white mocha syrup? It is my summer drink

  5. I used to constantly use bobby pins so I got a huge container of them and I just always clean off my counter and put them back in. I know I've lost some along the way, and my mom stole a good handful(s), but it's been 3 years and I still have a ton!

  6. bobby pins and hair ties. why do they disappear out of thin air? so frustrating! hope you're feeling better!