Husband pants- it's your 27th birthday and I am so thankful to be the one by your side celebrating it! I know in the past we haven't really done much for special occasions but being all sentimental lately, I feel it's only natural to go all out this year. Maybe because our life is about to change or for the simple fact I'm just smitten over you and can't wait to spoil you. I don't care either way! Thank you for choosing me almost 5 years ago as we walk through life together. Everything we've celebrated and endured are things I'm beyond grateful to have you holding my hand through. You're my rock and best friend and I still wake up so in love with you, thanking God for the encouragement, support and laughter you bring to my life daily! You have my whole heart, let's stay young and in love forever, okay?


  1. The way you make me laugh
  2. Your need for cuddles every single morning
  3. How you always reach for my hand to hold when sitting apart on the couch
  4. Your understanding for "us" time when we have Drake weeks
  5. The way you make new lyrics to every song leaving me singing your version when I hear it
  6. The ability you have to lighten any tense atmosphere
  7. Your sense of compassion when I'm a sobbing mess
  8. Your understanding for my excessive hormones
  9. How you always chase me around the house, keeping things lively!
  10. The way you appease me with our 100 goodnight kisses (we always have to end with a good one!)
  11. Your desire to continue to "date" me- gotta keep things fiery!
  12. How you respond to my texts when we're sitting a room away, even when it's asking you to come cuddle
  13. The way you always make sure my water is filled with ice because I love it cold
  14. Your sarcasm
  15. The way you protect me when I'm hurting
  16. How you become the life of the party in Mexico with a drink in hand- my family sure loves you!
  17. The way you calm my nerves with a simple hug
  18. Your hugs- they're perfection
  19. Your playfulness
  20. How you still "light the fire" with a little booty grabbing at the most random times
  21. The way you snuggle up behind me when I'm cooking
  22. Your honesty with not liking my "healthy" meals (quinoa ring a bell?) but loving all my baking
  23. The way you always encourage me to follow my dreams
  24. How you still text me every single day when you get to work to say "I love you"
  25. Your work ethic- you are so driven!
  26. The way you always reassure me I'm the one for you
  27. Because you chose me to walk the journey of life with

I hope you slept in good with your new black out curtains- Happy Birthday bebe!