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The other morning I got up, grabbed a cup of coffee and went to do emails in the nursery (yes, I do almost everything from that room because I'm obsessed with it) and it hit me how badly I'm ready for Fall. It isn't just about the cooler temperatures and crisp air but we will be meeting our sweet babe this Fall and that's when our whole lives will be changing.

Andrew said to me the other night that Emery and I are as close as we will ever be right now sharing a body. I'm helping her grow and giving her a safe and secure place and in just a few short weeks we won't be tied together anymore. This realization slapped me in the face because I've been drowning myself in the woes of pregnancy lately with every ache and pain and I should really step back and simply cherish these moments, just her and I and all her fierce little kicks. It's a battle being ready to smother her face in kisses but also embracing these last moments of sole mommy/daughter time.