Nude Lips

September 16, 2014

Hello loves! It's no secret I am a lover of a nude lip (seen here & here) and as much as I try to attempt deep, bold colors, it's just not something I'm used to and I don't feel too much like myself. That being said, I get so many questions on what my favorite nudes are so here is a collection of my favorites as of right now for you to snag all ranging in price! My most favorite is Maybelline because I feel it's super creamy and doesn't dry out my lips and the color is a great summer and fall nude. Hope this helps! And don't miss my beginners guide to nude lipstick, here!


  1. Beautiful colors! What color is the maybelline one?

  2. I 'blame' you for introducing me to the beauty that is a good, nude lip! Love love love how delicate and pretty it is! Thanks for sharing, Aubs!

  3. Have you ever tried Ilia Beauty? Their lipsticks are amazing! They have an awesome selection of nude colors too.