This nugget! She's 3 months old today and I'm simply celebrating the stage she's in. I can't explain how in love with the interaction we've been getting from her just the last couple weeks. It's been amazing to watch her develop and learn new things as well as give giggles and smiles constantly to myself and her daddy. It melts us- every.single.time.

22 inches
0-3 month clothes

bath time
standing/sitting up
laying on her playmat
tummy time
talking, smiling, giggling

driving in the car
having her bottle taken away- still screams over that!
nap time but loves sleeping at night.... weirdo
swaddling- we're transitioning out soon

This was the other night after bath time and she was literally making Andrew and I laugh so hard. I just love how she talks to us back and forth and the interaction we're getting- I know I keep saying that but man, it's rewarding and so exciting! Emery babe, we love you!