I will be honest here, I've spent a lot of money that I feel like I've simply lost when purchasing glasses online. It sounds appealing because it give you one less errands or office to visit around town and then boom, a few days later you have glasses that *hopefully* fit, look amazing and have an accurate prescription. Well, it never seemed to happen this way for me. Apparently, my face is too narrow and head to small because every pair I ordered didn't fit. I was stumped.

Enter DAV/D K/ND.

What makes them different? Um, everything! To get started, you get to fill our a style profile giving your likes and dislikes about frames, colors, width...etc. From there, you're paired with an expert stylist who sends you a whole box of glasses to try on at home. What? Yep, at home. They will send the frames you chose along with some recommendations of their own so when you get your little goodie box, it's so much fun to test them all out! 

You're simply required to leave all your little notes on the back of each card giving feedback and then you get to decide which pair wins. Simply send back your goodie box (shipping label is included!) with your prescription and your stylist will get them made and sent right back to you so you are free from hassle and you'll be rockin' a lovely new pair of DAV/D K/ND glasses in no time.

Totally cool, right?

I wanted to share with you my DAV/D K/ND glasses sent over by my stylist, Laura and that girl knows what she's doing because all the additional ones she sent from my picks were my favorite. Whew- it's a good thing I had her expertise. Am I right?

top | lipstick | nail color (on sale!)

So what do you think? All the styles were definitely trendy and cute, some bulky and some more simplistic. I ended up with.... option 5! They seemed to be right in the middle of the styles and I love the color tone in the tortoise they offered. All in all, if you're looking for glasses and are like me with trying and trying but never have any luck, it's worth getting connected and working with DAV/D K/ND I can promise you that!