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So there's this thing called a baby... and that baby sort of takes up your whole life. Like you don't have time to shower some days until your husband is home and you can't pee without them screaming because you aren't holding them and you sometimes have to answer emails with a sleeping baby on your dead arm and it's just a disaster.

I assumed I would be a working mom when our family expanded. It's one thing having a child part time like Drake because the weeks with him were easy for me to slow down because the weeks we didn't, I'd be hustlin' and getting tons of work done in my office. Well, this newborn (now infant) thing throws you... like a lot.

I've been back to work since December after taking 6 weeks off when having Emery and I'm struggling hugely finding a balance of her and work with clients. I feel I'm not giving my best and that life with her is flashing before my eyes and I'm missing everything. I pride myself on making each an every project I work on passionate to me and I also have dreams of not missing a damn thing when my babies are growing up. So what do I do?

I've decided it's time to take a step back from work and really focus on Drake, Emery and Andrew. They are what's important and aren't going anywhere so it's right in my heart to break. I'm finishing out my current client list that's booked until mid-March and after that, I'm going to regroup with my services, cost, site and launch a whole new look, concept and ultimately, I'll simply book 4 clients a month. That's it. I will focus solely on their sites and branding in slow time to make it exceptional and I'll also spend my days loving on my kids. God has placed it on my heart that the things in life are just that.... things. I don't need to be working to obtain nice, materialistic goodies but I do need to be a present mother to my children and loving wife to my husband.

Amen and amen!

So where does that put the blog? No where! I'm sure you've noticed I've migrated to a lot more lifestyle posts and that's just simply where I'm at now. I love to still get all dolled up and share outfits here and there so those won't change either. I love being able to share and extend our life with others to lift up, inspire and encourage so during all those little naps I can get, blogging will be right here as a priority - and I do have so many fun, exciting things coming up here for you!

Thank you always for the love and encouragement throughout my years being exposed. It's rewarding knowing my work is wanted to beautify other sites and it's humbling having people invest so much into my family. You are the best!

Big hugs, friends!