That about sums it up these days. We've been on this home journey that includes so many more ups and down than you would really anticipate and recently it's been the lowest of lows. Nothing seems to be going right but we're pushing through and trusting the Lord with everything.

I remember when I was pregnant, it was so hard for me to let go and let God when I was so intent on becoming pregnant during a certain season and planning everything to my core and then God had a sense of humor and blessed us with pregnancy in the exact season I was terrified of. I had taken test after test all coming out negative after months and months and months of trying to conceive. Once I finally gave it all to the Lord, we found out we were pregnant.

It's sort of the same boat here with the home right now. Lots of things that are out of our control and it is bending us to our knees more and more praising God for the good and praising Him still when we don't understand. I know this is vague but I'm not quite ready to share fully at this point... soon though.