We just flew home yesterday from upstate New York and we are happy to be home. It's funny how just moving into the house, it hasn't quite felt like ours yet because it's still so fresh but after leaving for a week and coming home to it, it was so warm and inviting and felt right. That absolutely solidified it being our space to grow in and make memories.

On the same note, our trip to NY was for my cousin's wedding and I've spent years all throughout my childhood going back there to visit my dad's brother and his family. Over those many years, they've always lived in the same home with this beautiful backyard complete with a tree swing. I remember summers having contests with my brother and two cousins on who could jump off the farthest and when I was there with Andrew a few years back and we were able to enjoy some time swinging together. It was that much more memorable and emotional (as always) to share it now with Emery. It was food for my soul and the time spent on a sweet, simple family vacation was much needed in this busy season of our lives.

Hope you had a great Monday!