October is eczema awareness month and it's something I'm super passionate about having suffered with that skin issue my whole life. I was praying Emery wouldn't struggle from eczema like I do but it became apparent to us about 4 months in that she did, indeed, have eczema like her mama. Sad day, you guys! At the time I was new to Mustela and their company but I had read about their Stelatopia line which is built to combat sensitive, dry skin and I thought, why not? We went ahead with the lotion for after baths and the milky bath oil to help keep Emery's skin nice and moisturized.

Within about 3 days of us beginning that regimen, her skin cleared up tremendously! Within a week, there wasn't an eczema patch in sight so I felt like it was a great move and investment to continue with the line and hope we didn't see flare ups over time.

It's now starting to get slightly cooler (and when I say cooler, I mean 90's) in PHX so it's the time I normally start to notice my skin getting sensitive and irritated, which has 100% happened but Emery's hasn't! Lucky lady! I am convinced it's because of the Stelatopia line and I even stole her milky bath oil recently to help soothe my patches. It's been a dream!

From one mama to another, I've had such a great experience with Mustela in general, so I recommend it for sure! They're running a fun contest right now where they're giving away 5 Eczema Essential Bundles to 5 lucky winners- check it out and enter, here! Additionally, you can use code "FRIENDS" for 20% off until October 14, 2015!